What do Egyptians eat for breakfast

to eat and drink

Egypt's age-old tradition, the long Islamic way of life, the tendency towards the western-oriented modern age can be felt everywhere in the country, including on a culinary level. Egyptian cuisine is influenced by the neighboring countries, Turkey and Greece.

The ancient Egyptians ate a lot of bread and vegetables, loved stewed onions, legumes. Meat and fish were special or for the rich. They already drank beer.

Culture and rituals

For the Orientals, hospitality with eating together is part of their social life. An invitation is valid after two discussions. Guest gift: sweets or a return invitation to the restaurant. In private life it is still common to eat with the right hand. During “Ramadan” life goes on for the tourists in the hotels normally. In other places you should not eat publicly until the evening.

Warm and cold dishes are served at all meal times. Breakfast already offers a fillet made from (sow) beans, boiled, fried, mostly mashed with sauce. Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelets, preferably with Basterma (air-dried beef), falafel (made from beans), sheep's cheese, and salad are also represented.

Bread is called Aesch (Aisch) which is also the word for life. You can eat it with all dishes, plus rice, couscous or French fries. Many starters are offered for lunch (2 p.m. - 5 p.m.) and dinner (from 9 p.m. until late at night).

Favorite dishes

Soup, if you want, before the main course that always offers several side dishes to all types of meat (except pork) and fish. A delicacy: "hamam mahshi" (pigeons and quail). “Kusheri / kosheri” is the national dish (rice and lentil noodles, roasted onions, spicy garlic and tomato sauce). Locals drink Sahlab (milk) with it. The dessert is very, very sweet and very, very tasty. This is followed by Turkish mocha to the relaxing "Shisha" (water pipe).

Specialties on the street

At market stalls, between those with the spice sacks, you can find local food as fast food: falafel, kuschari, shawarma (Egyptian kebab), fried chicken, liver or fish as a sandwich or in flatbread. Most of them specialize in one dish. Hamburgers and co. Are now also very popular. The franchise chains that we also know are represented, but under the management of a single group.

Steak houses are just as popular as restaurants with international cuisine: Asian, European (Greek and Italian). A tip of 10% of the price is appropriate. In addition to the traditional coffee houses, there are more and more air-conditioned American-style cafes.


The Egyptians drink a lot of water during the day, Shai (sweetened tea with mint, milk or black), the red mallow tea "Karkadé" and fruit juices. For tourists there is excellent wine, the local Stella lager or Sakara beer and spirits. In between, local fruit, nuts, seeds and roasted corn on the cob are consumed.