Can smell cockroaches

Recognizing cockroaches: This indicates an infestation by cockroaches

Roaches like it humid and warm

Cockroaches feel particularly comfortable in rooms that are humid and warm, for example in kitchens, bathrooms or sauna areas. There the cockroaches multiply very quickly. In doing so, they remain undetected for a long time. The reason: the pests are nocturnal. During the day they usually hide in dark shelters, for example in small niches or cracks in furniture and walls.

Only in the dark do the animals go in search of food and also attack the supplies of the human inhabitants. They can contaminate food with their excretions and transmit pathogens for bacterial diseases such as salmonellosis or tuberculosis.

This can be used to identify a cockroach infestation

If you suspect cockroaches have settled in your house or apartment, you should look out for the following signs that indicate an infestation:

  • Sweet smell: Cockroaches release pheromones in the form of a scented brand that helps them communicate with one another. The stronger the cockroach infestation, the stronger the smell.
  • Eating damage to food: Cockroaches prefer to nibble on fruit. But the pests do not stop at packaged food either and even gnaw their way through plastic and cardboard to get to the contents.
  • Egg packets and shed skin armor: The pests usually lay both the skin remnants stripped off during development and their eggs in the vicinity of their hiding place. The egg packets are white to brownish or gray-black, depending on the type of cockroach.
  • Excretions: Dark crumbs or dots of feces that run in an elongated track along the wall and cupboards also suggest an infestation by cockroaches.
  • Live or dead animals: If you watch cockroaches in your home, this is always a sure sign. If you see the nocturnal cockroaches even during the day, this indicates a particularly strong infestation; apparently there are hardly any hiding spots left for the animals to retreat into. As a rule of thumb, for every cockroach seen there are hundreds of hidden animals.
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