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Valet (German) [edit]

Noun, m[To edit]

Word separation:

Kam · mer · die · ner, plural: Kam · mer · die · ner


IPA: [ˈkamɐˌdiːnɐ]
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[1] Member of the household who was responsible for the supervision and care of the princely private apartments


Determinative compound from nouns chamber and servant

Female word forms:

[1] valet

Generic terms:

[1] servant


[1] "After his return, he became a violinist and Valet employed, from 1714 he was Vice Kapellmeister at the Salzburg court. "[1]
[1] "Five to twelve filled the Valet Emil picked up the champagne glasses and turned the radio to the highest volume. "[2]
[1] “The gray-haired one Valet sat half asleep in the huge cabinet and listened to the prince's snoring. "[3]

Translations [edit]

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