Can I have an arranged marriage?

Arranged marriage: when the family chooses the partner

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What is an arranged marriage?

An arranged wedding is when the family or a matchmaker suggests suitable partners. However, a marriage only takes place if the potential spouse agrees.

Is it allowed to enter into an arranged marriage in Germany?

Yes, because in this case both partners enter the bond for life voluntarily. The situation is different with a forced marriage, in which the future spouses usually have no say.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an arranged marriage?

We have summarized various arguments for and against this form of marriage brokerage here.

Start in movies and books romantic relationships not infrequently with one fateful encounterin which the protagonists come closer unexpectedly and it happened to them in a matter of moments. In real life it has to love but sometimes helped on the jumps become. So can Matchmakers and families for example one arranged marriage initiate.

Explanation of terms: what is the difference between forced and arranged marriages?

Two people go according to German law Covenant of marriage one, they decide to one legally recognized and permanent cohabitation. For the legality of the Marriage the legislature defines numerous in the German Civil Code (BGB) requirements. So, for example, the marriage voluntary take place, which is why a Forced marriage in Germany forbidden is and the need for such under punishment stands. But what applies to them arranged marriage?

The human rights organization for women Terre des Femmes formulates the following for the arranged marriage definition:

Arranged marriages exist when the marriage is initiated by relatives, acquaintances or marriage brokers, but is concluded with the full consent of the spouses.

Accordingly, there is an arranged marriage if Relatives, friends or even professional matchmakers a supposedly suitable one partner with the Goal of a marriage propose. The difference to the forced marriage, however, is that the future spouses free for or against marriage decide can. So the family environment practices no coercion or pressure out.

However, they can Limits between forced and arranged marriages at times blur. Because even social and religious conventions sometimes produce printso that the bond for life is not made entirely of will.

At arranged weddings we often think of foreign cultures. However, this was the type of marriage brokerage until the 20th century also common in Germany. Through the Online dating the concept of the arranged marriage is given a new coat of paint, because instead of the family, one is looking for one algorithm for the perfect partner. In addition, the successful one could sometimes also be Coupling with friends as an arranged marriage.

Arranged marriage: what are the pros and cons?

The term “arranged marriage” often has one in our society pale aftertaste. Because the concept that your own parents get involved in choosing a partner for their child works something for us antiquated. It may well be advantages to have.

The partner proposals for a possibly arranged wedding offer the opportunity to meet new peoplewho are also a Wish marriage. The relatives and acquaintances also have the opportunity to use the selection based on certain criteria to narrow down. Important Factors can include the following:

  • Age
  • job
  • training
  • religion
  • Life planning
  • Moral concepts

Arranged marriages are also usually more likely pragmatic in nature. It is not uncommon for those involved to get to know each other first, to exchange ideas common values from and build trust on. This then forms the basis of the relationship. The love then not infrequently develops with time.

Last but not least, choosing a partner with the help of families offers a great advantage, because it can usually ensure that the parents with the future spouse I Agree are. This is sometimes an important argument for the arranged marriage, because possibly because of the disagreeable son-in-law or daughter-in-law of the House blessings hang crooked.

However, it is an arranged marriage no guarantee for a happy partnership. Because it is entirely possible that the parental candidate does not own ideas correspond. It is not uncommon to also play when choosing a partner financial aspects and the social position an important role. The biggest counter-argument for arranged marriages is arguably that Absence of butterflies in the stomach, because even in spite of common ideas and values, it can happen that no love developed.

The above arguments show that an arranged marriage both advantages and disadvantages may have. But everyone has to decide for themselves whether this method of finding a partner is the right one decide for yourself.

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Arranged marriage: when the family chooses the partner
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