Why do teachers need a summer break

School in corona timesHow things should go after the summer vacation

"Parents, mostly mothers, have to look after children from primary school onwards, the younger ones need more motivation than the older ones. End devices either have to be purchased and at the same time many parents still look after their own parents - they often see them behind Plexiglas in the homes. They also know we are cases of parents who have given up their job in order to be able to look after their children with LRS "says Franz Joseph Kahlen from the state parenting of the grammar schools.

(picture alliance / Sven Hoppe) Problems with homeschooling: "School is a living space"
Homeschooling does not replace school as a living space, said Johanna Börgermann, a student on the board of the NRW state student council, in the Dlf. There was a lack of teachers, especially for underperforming students.

The emotional stress on parents is enormous. And that applies to all parents, especially the mothers of children of all types of schools. Isabel Herkner is the head of a primary school in Bergisch Gladbach, parents want to know what happens next - even after the summer vacation. "First of all, one big concern is that the school will not open at all if another wave of infections should come and of course many parents are very worried about homeschooling and the home office that it will continue to run in parallel again because that does not fit together for many families", says Herkner.

New concepts for distance teaching

As long as there is no vaccine against an infection with the coronavirus, regular classes are actually unthinkable. The NRW school ministry said that it cannot yet be determined how things will continue after the summer holidays, as the further development of the number of infections has to be awaited. This is not enough for teachers 'associations, for example the philologists' association, which represents teachers from grammar schools, comprehensive schools and vocational colleges, calls for improvements. Sabine Mistler is spokeswoman for the state association of North Rhine-Westphalia and says:

"That is why there should be concepts after the summer holidays that provide adequate support and that optimally combine face-to-face learning with distance learning. By this I mean that students must have the opportunity to experience both, that distance lessons optimally complement face-to-face lessons and that must be reasonable. "

Also reasonable for the teachers, many felt abandoned: especially when the information from the Ministry of Education kept changing at short notice. This is also criticized by the state parents of the grammar schools: "We would like leadership and concepts that are suitable for everyday use and free of room for interpretation. We need a master plan for the schooling concept for the coming school year as part of North Rhine-Westphalia."

(picture alliance / Ramesh Amruth) Educator: "The children just want to go to school"
The contact restrictions would have consequences for disadvantaged children, said the NRW primary school association chairman Christiane Mika in the Dlf. But all of them lack the exchange with others and the support of teachers

The Parents' Association of North Rhine-Westphalia requires clear concepts, technical devices for families if required, and regular direct contact with the teachers. He started a survey on learning at home and evaluated the feedback from over 1,000 parents. Regine Schwarzhoff is deputy chairwoman there: "The number of parents who judged the feedback from the teachers to be insufficient or even non-existent was alarmingly high."

Primary school students particularly affected

How things will continue after the summer holidays must remain open at the moment. But: Many parents believe that the experiences of the past few weeks should be used. Homeschooling could be a good idea for the time after Corona, at least on a daily basis, because there was feedback from parents that many children work more effectively at home, families are happy to be able to spend more time together and parents learn a lot more from school during this time .

But one thing should already be clear: School enrollment in 2020 will be completely different than before, a difficult situation, especially for primary school students, says Isabell Herkner, chairwoman of the school caretaker: "The parents assume that there will probably be no real school enrollments, this is very sad for the children for the families this is the big day of the children it just can't be celebrated properly, especially the little ones who are still in kindergarten, who come to schools after the summer holidays, know half classes classmates not, not teachers, many children simply need physical closeness so that they can cope with everyday school life, that will not exist and that will be very difficult. "