Is Usain Bolt Muslim

Somali immigrant brings gold for GB: A triumph for London's Muslims

It's a shame, as the Olympic article also tells about it,

how divided a society, here the British

Society is.

You win a medal for yourself and for the whole country and not for part of you !!

American top athletes or British should

See yourself as part of the ENTIRE nation and

not YOUR race, gender or religion

move to the foreground.

In Germany there was a certain Drygalla at

Rowing blocked because you are MAN and not yourself

Was a member of a legal, right-wing national party.

In Great Britain, USA and many other nations

the Olympic idea of ​​fairness is evidently

the equality of the starter and the win for one

entire country not honored.

Medals, as doubtful, they also won

may be, are considered sociopolitical

Abused weapon. That discredits the games

which actually only people for sportiness,

Health, performance, discipline

and international understanding, entertainment,

Educate people's coherence, tolerance and respect


If the Muslims in Great Britain really think so

then you have the liberal, democratic,

non-religious, pluralistic and

integrative social system of your home

never accepted.

A British Muslim has his atheist,

christian, jewish, hindu,

To respect, defend and support Taoist compatriot just as much as his Muslim brother.

Everything else leads to racism!

Faith is only allowed as a way to OWN salvation

be trodden, but not as a social

transformational powers are abused,

because this threatens the rule of law civilization

and terror, lawless and superpowerful, creates.

The stupidity of the religious must also be curbed. The times of barbarism are behind us

and you can also go through the Muslims

do not arrive again, rather they leave

Troublemaker Western Civilization!

No more religious states in Europe!