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As an experienced investor, you know your investment strategy exactly and how you want to implement it.

Our online banking platform gives you access to financial market data, analysis functions and our extensive range of products. Discover the right forms of investment for your investment.

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We offer you a large and independent selection of securities. Each form of investment has specific advantages and disadvantages. Discover the investment opportunities that fit your individual needs, desires and goals.

If you want to invest your money effectively and broadly, we recommend investment funds. Even with a small investment, you can benefit from the opportunities of the financial markets.

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With stocks, you invest directly in companies. You can benefit from price gains and dividends. Due to the rate fluctuations, they are particularly suitable for long-term investments.

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We recommend bonds for regular and stable income in the form of interest. They are considered more defensive forms of investment and serve to diversify your portfolio.

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Structured products offer more flexibility than traditional systems. You can use them to map your market opinion and bet on scenarios that you think are likely.

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If you invest your capital independently and want to achieve optimal returns, it costs time. Because only those who are optimally informed can really benefit. With our CS Invest investment solutions, we offer you individual investment advice on attractive terms. Let your personal advisor provide you with competent support.

Invest independently

  • You know your investment goals and decide for yourself which securities to invest in
  • You benefit from our large and independent selection of investment solutions

Invest with advice

  • Your personal investment advisor will help you define your investment strategy
  • You will receive strategic investment ideas and detailed reports on the development of your investments
  • You choose between different levels of portfolio monitoring

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Discover our valuable investment tips, read background reports on specific investment topics and expert articles on trends and opportunities in investing.