Shanghai is cooler than Beijing

Shanghai - a city grows beyond itself

Shanghai is a city that looks ahead and wants to be in no way inferior to the demands of cool cities like Berlin or New York. Trendy neighborhoods, the most modern subway systems and the "coffee to go" are now part of the everyday cityscape. Lifestyle is very important in this city. The city is booming and with the boom the will of the city to grow beyond itself grows. Our colleague Ulrike Löhrl went on a discovery tour through the steadily growing city.

Chaos in the subway station

My tour of discovery through Shanghai starts with one Ride the very modern Shanghai subway. At the inner city stations, the platforms are secured by transparent walls so that nobody falls onto the tracks. The doors of the train only open automatically when the outer doors opened in the glass wallsare. In front of these inlets there are arrows where you should stand so that the passengers can get out unmolested - the arrows lead out of the train right in front of the door, the arrows to the side of it point into it.

That's the theory. In practice, however, it looks very different: Everyone wants to get in before the first can get out. You can imagine what's going on there. I hope I can get rid of this habit again in Hamburg. However, this habit changes at rush hour - to my surprise yesterday at this time the people stood very well in a long queue and waited until at least a large number of the passengers had disembarked. To my astonishment, this phenomenon wasn't unique to the Pudong business district, but also to be observed at other stations.

Luxury brands on the rise - the new sights in Shanghai

But by no means all Shanghai residents use public transport. It's crazy what a variety of luxury car brands can be seen here on the streets of Shanghai: Maserati, Ferrari, Camaro, Mercedes C-Class, Audi Q5, BMW-Coupe…. So far I only knew most of these cars from hearsay and here in Shanghai they drive around in front of my nose. There is a lot of money available and people like to show that. The Xintiandi bar district is the hip district of Shanghai, despite the high prices (higher than in Düsseldorf on the Kö), the bars are full of Chinese and foreigners, and at Paulaner-Bräu they queue for a table. Elegantly dressed Chinese women with (real) Gucci bags and designer clothes in the Huaihai Lu, one of the most famous shopping streets, is represented by all luxury brands there is, and weddings are held in the most expensive hotels, very romantic - open air - on a green lawn with a red rose-strewn carpet and white-clad chairs. But this hype about new trends also has its treacherous sides. E-mopeds, for example, are called “The Silent Death” in Shanghai - you can imagine why. They sneak up behind and if they don't honk it is easy to get under the wheels. Consideration in traffic and respecting the traffic rules is rare, yesterday, for example, I observed a cyclist who stoically drove over a red traffic light to the intersection and forced a taxi to brake. Unmoved, she continued on her way.

Coffee to go and congee diet

Another trend that has already spread across the globe now also seems to have arrived in Shanghai. More and more Chinese women have Aafraid of gaining weight, therefore they are constantly on a diet, be it that Coffee diet, congee diet, carbohydrate-free diet, in other words, the whole range that we also know. I often ask myself where the Chinese women still want to lose weight, as slim and petite as most are. However, there are real grumblers among the children. On my trip through China - more precisely on the Tea plantation in Hangzhou - we met students who were going on a school trip. One of the students was very well fed and obviously felt at home next to one of our somewhat stronger fellow travelers. With his wish, when he grows up, to want to become just like him, he caused great amusement in classmates, teachers and fellow travelers.

And the international coffee chains have also made it to the Middle Kingdom. I believe that Starbucks density is already higher in Shanghai than in other comparable world cities. The “coffee to go” is the new “must-have” for young Chinese. The Shanghai people are very Western minded and eager to pick up any trend, and that is coffee drinking and coffee shop culture right now. One of the hotel managers I met yesterday confessed to me that she had to drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day.

Shanghai just wants to keep up with the western countries and trumps them with their high trend demand quickly again many times over.

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