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The band that everyone hates Why nickelback bashing has become super lame


"Nickelback sucks!" has been the consensus on the internet for years. Everyone is joking at the expense of the Canadians - most recently an officer in the US Army. But does it really have to be in 2017?

From: Matthias Scherer

Status: 02/22/2017 | archive

An amusing document went online this week: a US Army officer allegedly sent a memo to his soldiers prohibiting them from listening to the music of "bad rock bands" loudly at their base. One band could not be missing: Nickelback.

Chad Kroeger and Co. have been getting on the roof on the Internet for years - among others from the Canadian police, from Arnold Schwarzenegger, and from Mark Zuckerberg. "Nickelback sucks" is the consensus on the net. But do you still have to beat this band so hard in 2017?

Mocking internet boom

First of all, you have to distinguish between an aversion to the music of Nickelback and the scornful shouting that has become good form online - even with people who are not at all interested in music, but have checked that jokes about Nickelback are still entirely Arrived well.

Take Mark Zuckerberg, for example: a very rich, intelligent guy who has most likely never put together a mixtape in his life, but thinks he has to dissipate Nickelback in a promo video for an A.I. app. "Play us a good Nickelback song!" he asks Jarvis, his robot butler, who prepares his toast and throws him clothes. "I'm sorry, I can't," replies Jarvis. "There are no good Nickelback songs!" Hahaha! What a scream!

Also, you have to admit that Nickelback's music is actually not that bad. No, okay, that's not true - it's still total grits. This has been confirmed by listening to the last four albums extensively. The songs are brazen, the album covers look like particularly tasteless stock photos, and the fact that Chad Kroeger was able to sing in such incredibly clumsy lyrics without getting a fit of laughter borders on a miracle.

"And every day we got to be apart
I’m like a baby with a broken heart
But the second that I'll see you
You will know how much I need you "

Nickelback - Holding On To Heaven (2011)

But pompous songs, ridiculous lyrics and whacky album covers have bands like Muse, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons too - and they are not referred to as permanently as Nickelback. If Kroeger and colleagues had said or sang homphobe, racist or somehow stupid and hurtful things, of course: you can't bash enough of that. But the worst thing you can blame Nickelback for is that they are dead boring, above average unhappy guys.

In the past, when Nickelback songs were really on the radio and on music television, the hatred could still be justified. Everywhere Chad Kroeger's blond mane, everywhere this voice that reminds one of a stag in heat - that was just annoying. But now Nickelback is taking place in a parallel universe that most music fans don't know about anymore. Let's be honest: who noticed that a new Nickelback single came out two weeks ago?

Thesis: People who joke about Nickelback haven't heard a song from them in years, but need a catchy keyword to make fun of something - like the uncle who comes up with the same, ancient jokes. They then resort to these nickelback gags to show how much they have their finger on the pulse or how distinguished their own taste in music is. In fact, celebrating Nickelback in 2017 is actually cooler than cracking Nickelback jokes. Or you can make it easy for yourself - and do neither one nor the other.