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Illnesses and injuries

Cats that live in the wild also often suffer from it Illnesses and injuries. The job of the healer is to treat these.

Diseases [edit | Edit source]

Fever [edit | Edit source]

fever is the increased body temperature (over 39.2 ° C in cats). Fever is fatal for cats above 43 ° C. Healers alleviate it by treating the sick cat with fever herb and cure fever with borage leaves. In addition, fever is a typical symptom of inflammation or serious illnesses such as green cough.

Respiratory infections Edit source]

White cough Edit source]

White cough (Original: Whitecough) is the Warrior Cats equivalent to our normal cough,[1] which is usually easy to cure. He is cured with catnip. However, the white cough can quickly turn into the deadly green cough without treatment.

Green cough Edit source]

Green cough (Original: Greencough) is one of the most common and dangerous diseases. This is pneumonia, which is often extremely dangerous, especially for youngsters, young students, queens and also the elderly.[1] The most effective remedy for this disease is catnip, which usually grows on two-legged nests, but female mint also helps.

In fire and Ice this disease haunted the ThunderClan camp for a while. The leader Blaustern also falls ill and thus loses the eighth of her nine lives. In addition, one of Buntface's boys dies from it. Fireheart persuades a youngster to take medicinal herbs and goes in search of catnip for Yellow Tooth. The leafere usually brings a green cough. Its harbinger is the white cough. Cloud Boy once fell ill with green cough, but soot fur brought him woman mint. The symptoms of this disease are fever, coughing and tiredness.

Black cough Edit source]

Black cough (Original: Blackcough) originally referred to pneumonia. However, this has been changed to Green Cough as it better describes the infection. Only in moonlight is the green cough referred to throughout the book as a black cough because Vicky forgot that they had renamed it.[2]

Whooping cough [edit | Edit source]

whooping cough (Original: Kittencough) is an infectious disease. It manifests itself particularly through coughing attacks, which in the worst case can lead to respiratory failure. In Into the wild Triefnase mentions whooping cough, in which boys die in cold weather, because the plants of the bipeds have displaced the counterweeds.[3]

Coughing up blood [edit | Edit source]

Coughing up blood[4] (Original: Redcough)[5] is a disease that occurs in Mothflight's vision and Thunder star's echo occurs or is mentioned and in which the sick cats begin to cough up blood.[6]

Yellow cough Edit source]

The Yellow cough[7] (Original: Yellowcough) is a rapidly spreading infectious disease that can be fatal. Affected people are described with sticky fur and dripping snouts.[7] The lungwort leaves are said to help.

The nameless disease Edit source]

The nameless disease is one of the most devastating diseases along with green cough. It is caused by the rats at the place of the crow. Therefore, usually only the ShadowClan is affected by this epidemic. Unlike green cough, this disease can kill healthy warriors. For more information seeNameless disease.

Unnamed disease [edit | Edit source]

In the Unnamed disease both prey and cats get sick. The animal's flesh seems to rot and the body looks bloated, usually fatal. Affected people are avoided in order to rule out infection. The Shining Star acts as the only known antidote.

Bronchitis [edit | Edit source]

In Distant echo root light suffers from one bronchitis.[8]Jay Feather is wondering whether he should advise her to exercise more to loosen the secretion or whether she should better rest.

Abdominal pain [edit | Edit source]

A rather harmless disease that mostly affects the elderly. Can be caused by crow feeding, too much fresh prey, poisoned prey or biped food. Juniper berries, brookmint and yarrow - so that the cat vomits and thus excretes the poison - are good remedies for this.

Abdominal pain can also be caused by ulcers, which then usually lead to death.

Epilepsy [edit | Edit source]

In Wolkenstern's journey it is mentioned that flower fall has this disease. It appears through seizures. The symptoms are not known. It could be that it is epilepsy, because epilepsy used to be called epilepsy, but this has not been confirmed.

In Angry storm Puddle has a seizure because his wounds have become infected and he is seriously ill. Leaf lake, jay feather and alder heart hold him tight * until the cramp subsides, and then give him feverweed to reduce the fever, and thyme to reduce the cramps.[9]

Furthermore, Shadowpaw has had seizures since he was a cub. As with his mentor Puddle Shine, he is held by his clan mates until the cramp subsides.

* Note: the picture what the Warrior cats-Books conveying the measures of seizures should be treated with caution; In reality, a person who has cramps should never be held, as he can seriously injure himself and others who are helping. Instead, the area should be cleared and the end of the spasm padded as far as possible to avoid injuries. In any case, you should keep an eye on the person concerned and let them calm down by themselves.

Aching joints Edit source]

This disease usually occurs in elders because students have not carefully changed their nesting material or from lying around. Kleinohr often complains to Cloud Boy because he has not shaken off the nest material. Daisies are used for painful joints.

Injuries [edit | Edit source]

Eye injuries Edit source]

Injury or inflammation of the eyes can be serious for cats, including loss of eyesight, as in the case of long-tailed rabbits who have their eyes scratched. These injuries are often treated with celandine.

Bite wounds [edit | Edit source]

These are treated with cobwebs, dock, gorse, salsify and goldenrod. For infected wounds, horsetail and dried oak leaves are used. Black root also helps.

Rat bites Edit source]

As the name suggests, rat bites are caused by rats. Such wounds can become infected very quickly and can lead to the worst of diseases. Marigolds help against this, and if they are not strong enough, burdock roots, as in Firestar's mission and midnight is described. Rolling wild garlic in a bed also helps.

Scratches [edit | Edit source]

Scratches are caused by abrasion of the skin on branches, stones or other sharp objects. They can also be caused by the claw blows of cats and other animals such as badgers or foxes. They are treated with dock, among other things.

Deep flesh wounds Edit source]

These injuries mainly occur in combat with other cats / animals.

Broken bones Edit source]

Fractures can occur in cats if they fall from a high place and come up incorrectly. Poppy seeds numb the pain, the break is initially common to connect with rushes and cobwebs and to splint. Light exercise and daily stretches will help speed healing. They can also be cured with gorse.

Sprains [edit | Edit source]

If, for example, a cat is acting unfavorably, it can happen that it pulls its claw, for example. But strains can also happen in combat, for example Blumenfall pulled her shoulder during a training fight in the forest of darkness. There is no cure for it, you have to rest the strain for a long or short period, depending on the extent, until it has healed. However, poppy seeds should not be used to numb the pain, as this could tempt one to overuse the tendon, muscle, or ligament and prevent the strain from healing properly.

Poisonings [edit | Edit source]

Poisoning can occur due to different causes:

  • There are different plants or their seeds such as foxglove seeds, lily of the valley, hemlock, holly berries, death berries or belladonna, which are extremely poisonous or even deadly for cats.
  • In addition, poisoning can occur from spoiled or poisoned prey (called crows) or from poisoned water. Yarrow or similar plants can make the affected cat vomit, but this only works if the remedy is taken in time.
  • The bite of some animals, such as snakes, such as vipers and adders, is poisonous to cats. There is no cure.
  • Poisoning from smoke caused by fire can occur. To cure smoke poisoning, moss soaked with water is sometimes used, but the consumption of water has not yet cured the poisoning in any cat.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]