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Chief Operating Officer

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The Chief Operating Officer keeps operations going

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) comes directly after the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the managing director, in the company hierarchy. As Chief Operating Officer, you are responsible for the day-to-day business of the company and ensure that things run smoothly internally.

Starting salary as Chief Operating Officer

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These tasks await you as COO

You implement the strategic decisions of the CEO, make sure that your company is and remains competitive, and work closely with the sales and marketing departments to achieve this. You have to find solutions to operational problems and you spend a lot of time analyzing business figures and business processes. Incidentally, the Chief Operating Officer used to be known in German as the operations manager.

How do I become Chief Operating Officer?

There is of course no direct training for this responsible position. As a rule, you will complete a general degree in business administration and, after completing your master’s degree, you will, for example, work in sales at a company. During this course you will acquire your first knowledge of corporate management and will also complete various internships. This will give you an insight into everyday business life and the typical structures and hierarchies of a company.

After starting your career, you will work your way up continuously, first to become a key account manager and head of department and finally to the executive floor. You can take the initiative to attend advanced training courses that will continuously qualify you, or you can take appropriate courses after you have been appointed Chief Operation Officer.

In large companies there are usually several COOs, each with their own departments. If you want to oversee a certain area, for example the development of new products or expansion into new countries, you should work towards it with targeted training.

What are my career opportunities as Chief Operating Officer?

If you have made it to COO, you are already very high on the career ladder and you are on the company's board of directors. Only the CEO stands above you. You may at some point switch to this position or move to other companies that appreciate your experience and successes and reward you even more generously.

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