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“With mixed reality, we have reduced manual work by 90%. We now complete tasks that normally take 8 hours in 45 minutes. "

Shelly Peterson, Principal Investigator, Mixed Reality

"HoloLens made our design validation process 80% faster ... and we believe we can speed up complex assembly tasks by 30%."

Jean-Brice Dumont, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Airbus

"HoloLens and Mixed Reality have massively changed our business by helping us serve our customers faster ... It's like having an expert on your shoulder."

Christian Driver, Vice President of Customer Services at MBUSA

Fix problems on first try

If your production line breaks down or your product doesn't work as planned, equip your field service team with HoloLens. This reduces downtime and ensures that problems can be resolved the first time.

Provide your field staff with important documentation and crucial maintenance data. They keep their activities in view and have their hands free.

Connect your field technicians with experts anywhere in the world for real-time remote assistance.

Increase employee productivity

Automation has increased the efficiency of your machines, but today's manufacturing processes still depend heavily on human labor.

Increase employee productivity with visual instructions such as checklists and step-by-step instructions provided using mixed reality.

Eliminate errors and improve product quality by providing employees with real-time insights and a complete picture of the task at hand. This ensures that every employee can be your best.

Improve onboarding and training

In today's constantly changing world, the agility of your manufacturing capabilities is a key to success. However, your operational processes can only be as agile as your employees.

By simulating real work assignments, you can train experienced employees more frequently and train new employees more quickly.

Make sure that valuable knowledge stays with the company when employees retire. Use mixed reality to fill skill gaps and build skills across your workforce.

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