Is Fortnite for kids


Why do young people play so much? What is it that makes digital games so fascinating?

Dejan Simonovíc has a simple answer ready: “Experience self-efficacy!” In the school and everyday world, young people get little direct feedback and attention for a performance. While you study for weeks at school in order to get a grade days later after a class test, digital games are bursting with feedback and digital rewards: kills, wins, V-Bucks, items, etc. The players know that ever the longer you play, the higher the value. “That is incredibly motivating,” explains Simonovic.

Another reason for the fascination with games is the permanent flow experience. This means a state exactly between being under and overstrained. Well-designed games such as Fortnite manage to address the players precisely at their level of performance, to make the most of them and to motivate them to perform better. It is similar with immersion - with immersion - in the game world: the stronger the immersion experience and the simultaneous leaving behind of reality, the stronger the pull of the game.

When asked what is fascinating about Fortnite, 13-year-old Fortnite expert Simon has a simple answer: "I only play the game because it's fun to hang out with friends." Fortnite has a strong social component. In the Fortnite lobby - an area where the game begins - players can put their teams together. The highlight: The players can talk to each other via voice chat while the characters move their lips synchronously. Even during the game, the players communicate with each other via voice chat. Not only are strategies discussed about the course of the game, but funny or discriminatory comments are also made.

A huge social and media ecosystem has developed around the game. Children and teenagers regularly follow the events in Fortnite on video and streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. An example of media networking was the in-game concert by Marshmellow, an internationally known DJ. On February 2, 2019, over 10 million players followed a performance by the US artist on a digital open-air stage in Fortnite. This aspect is an excellent introduction to the next question: