Why do Americans get married so quickly

I love u soo fast! ??

Quote from Beatae:

Hllo Alcatraz,

I can only hope that you don't take this seriously. Americans also say "I lova you" to their children. And after such a brief acquaintance, there really is no question of getting married.

How often and for how long and under what circumstances did you see each other? Has he visited you in Germany? If so, that would look a bit more optimistic.

Greetings Beate

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Well, just because the two haven't been together for long doesn't mean anything! You can still love and marry each other and be happy together for the rest of your life! But they could just as well be together for 10 years and separate shortly before / after the marriage. Was just such a case in my circle of acquaintances. They separated for about 10 years together and 5 months before the wedding.

But none of this plays a role in the operation, it is not (yet?) Ready for more. Which is only a problem, but if he wants more than she is (currently) willing to give.

OP, sometimes you know very quickly. So he can be serious
Of course there are also Americans where the "I love you" is relatively loose. Just like europeans, south americans, asians, ...