Why did my school banned YouTube

Data protection officer: YouTube is taboo for schools

ERFURT. From the point of view of the Thuringian data protection officer Lutz Hasse, schools should not use the YouTube video platform in lessons. "In fact, we said YouTube has terms and conditions that say YouTube can only be used for private purposes," said Hasse on Monday. According to a report by the “Thuringian General”, the state data protection agency has banned the use of YouTube in Thuringian schools.

A school doesn’t run under “private purposes”, explained Hasse. Schoolchildren can of course use the platform as they please, because the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not applicable for private and domestic purposes. The Ministry of Education was initially not available for comment on Monday.

"The use of YouTube in class is quite possible," countered the education policy spokeswoman for the FDP parliamentary group in the Thuringian state parliament, Franziska Baum. The recent demands from Hasse were "jumped far too short". "It cannot be a question of banning the use of systems across the board." It certainly makes a difference whether the students have to create their own accounts, whether they upload their own videos or whether the teacher plays a video.

Hasse emphasized that he never issued a ban. He merely pointed out that the use in a school context was inadmissible due to the conditions of use. "We are there to provide these pointers." As an alternative to integrating YouTube into the classroom, teachers could use free content from the Thuringian school portal's media library.

Youtube makes digital lessons much easier, said the spokesman for the state student council, Leon Schwalbe. Teachers are currently using videos on the platform very often. In his opinion, it is difficult or even impossible to offer a real alternative to YouTube. "It would be a big limitation, for teachers but also for students, if it could no longer be used in a school context." dpa

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