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The best running shoes 2021 put to the test

Welcome to our big running shoe test!

Here you can find the latest testimonials for all types of running shoes:

For a better comparison I have this Winner of our running shoe tests listed below by categories. So the most interesting running shoe models are directly visible. In addition, the shoes within each category are compared with each other to make your decision easier.


The best neutral running shoes

With the neutral running shoes, the focus is on an optimal compromise between damping, Dynamism and lightness.

In this category the choice is greatest. That's why I found it really difficult to choose the top 5 running shoe models here.

I can really recommend the selected neutral running shoes without hesitation.

They represent them, so to speak Golden middle and are particularly suitable for medium-weight runners who do not need additional support from jogging shoes.

Top 5 neutral running shoes in the test:


The best light trainers

When it comes to Lightweight Trainer running shoes, what matters most is speed and low weight.

These running shoes are trimmed for the pace - of course, the cushioning is accordingly a bit harder. This is especially true for the rear foot area, as it is less stressed when running fast.

The light trainers are especially suitable for getting started on short to medium distances.

For longer distances or heavier runners, I would rather choose a different category, there are usually better solutions for these tasks.

Top 5 lightweight trainers in the test:


The best stability shoes

The stable running shoes are primarily intended to support the foot and control the rolling movement.

This relieves the ankles and reduces the risk of injury.

The stability shoes usually have stiffer materials in the midsole. This support mainly helps against Overpronation and is intended to avoid excessive buckling of the foot.

Our reading tip: twisted your ankle while running - what to do?

Stable running shoes are often used by heavier runners to reduce stress on their joints. For longer training units such as marathon preparation, these shoes can also be of interest to light and medium-weight runners.

A treadmill analysis is the best way to determine whether stability shoes with pronation support are really needed. At home you can get a first impression of your own foot position with a damp paper test.

Top 5 stability running shoes in the test:


The best natural running shoes

Natural running is currently more popular than ever. A thin sole and little cushioning make the runner run as naturally as possible.

means above all that when running, the ground contact takes place more strongly through the metatarsus and forefoot. A minimalist natural running shoe usually does not provide sufficient heel cushioning for touching down with the heel.

Shifting the rebound load towards the forefoot is natural, because that's exactly how we do it when we really walk barefoot. However, our leg muscles and joints first have to get used to this strain. A step-by-step introduction to natural running is therefore recommended for beginners.

Our reading tip: Natural running for beginners

The natural running running shoes are very suitable as an addition to the normal running shoes. The foot muscles do not get used to a certain running shoe and thus remain more flexible and resilient overall.

Top 5 natural running shoes in the test:


The best trail shoes

In this category, the most important factors for running shoes are weather resistance, robustness and grip.

In order to survive the cross-country run, the shoes have to be able to endure a lot.

That is why water-repellent surface materials are used, often supplemented by stiffer midsole elements and a non-slip outsole.

The additional functionality is on the one hand indispensable in trail shoes, but on the other hand it often comes at the expense of lightness and dynamism.

Top 5 trail shoes in the test:

Current top 3 natural running bestsellers:

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