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Understand China : So pale and so beautiful

What can you do when the sun is shining brightly in summer and the apartment is dark? “Let's go to the park,” says the Berlin hostess to her Chinese friend. “Oh no,” she replies, “I'd rather stay at home.” But because the prospect of a summer day in your own four walls is not particularly attractive, the hostess continues to fight for a trip outside. At some point the visitor gives in: "Okay," she says, "then we'll just go to the museum."

Chinese women fear the sun. "If you are outside too long, your skin turns brown," says Wang Junxiu, explaining her aversion to being in the fresh air. What is desirable in the West contradicts the Asian ideal of beauty. "We like white skin," says Wang Junxiu, "that's our tradition."

The 28-year-old doesn't know why that is either. A common explanation is that fair skin is considered noble and aristocratic in China, while workers and farmers who have to work outdoors for long periods have dark skin. The light skin as a status symbol. Another explanation is that the influence of fair-skinned conquerors like the Mongols and Europeans left their mark on the ideal of beauty. Both have the same consequences for the Chinese: Sun rays should be avoided.
In summer, Chinese women protect themselves from harmful UV rays with large parasols. On bicycles, many wear a fold-down plastic sunshade that hides their entire face. The arms are in detachable sleeves, the hands are hidden by gloves.

The Chinese ideal of beauty is a lucrative business for the cosmetics industry. Whitening creams are mainly sold to the increasingly wealthy middle class in China. There are also bleaching agents in numerous other cosmetics - including whitening deodorants. This is intended for women who want to epilate their hair first and then bleach the skin. Occasionally one also sees women powdered white.

Apart from the skin color, the Chinese are otherwise oriented towards the western ideal of beauty. This can be seen well in the practices of cosmetic surgeons. Breast augmentation and eye surgery are the most popular treatments there. Almond eyes are no longer in demand, women in the Middle Kingdom strive for large eyes. Nose enlargements are also part of the surgical program.

For western vacationers in China, the Asian ideal of beauty has a great advantage. On the island of Hainan, for example, during the day they can mostly spread out undisturbed on the loungers or swim in the pool. They can stay among themselves and turn brown until late in the afternoon. The Chinese families don't come until the evening. When the sun isn't that strong anymore.

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