How can I fix a pelvic tilt

Can the chiropractor really correct the lateral pelvic tilt? [closed]

You are rightly skeptical, as a sideways tilt of the pelvis can be caused by either something very heavy or something mild.

I had this problem recently (I grew up with a symmetrical pool) because I (I'm not sure) did a lot of housework (cleaning)

This suggests that the cause of this lateral pelvic tilt (currently LPT) is not very serious. LPT can be caused by scoliosis. In that case, a chiropractor might just be a small part of a much more sophisticated solution. And often the solution wasn't even a complete solution.

Since this is something that you have developed recently, it is likely due to postures that you have imposed on yourself over long periods of time. It could be the way of sitting (pay close attention to this in the future) or indeed prolonged physical labor with poor posture.

Today I visited a chiropractor and he confirmed the pelvis was tilted and he did a little manipulation and he said the pelvis is back in place.

It is likely that he meant temporarily. For example, if the tilt is caused by a shortening of the hip flexor, it occurs the slope keeps going up until you get the root cause fixed the problem . We can build a house over and over again, but if you keep building it in a sand pit it will always collapse.

But I'm so skeptical (I still see the asymmetry in my pelvis) that I don't think a little one-shot maneuver could correct my tilt. I tried many exercises but nothing worked

You should see a physical therapist and find the root of the problem. For example, if it's caused by a shortened hip flexor, you'll need a sophisticated regimen of therapy that includes some light workouts with an emphasis on stretching. We cannot do this for you on this website as we do not know your entire situation.

Do any of you have a pelvic slope problem and can a chiropractor really fix it with a single shot?

Possibly. If the tendency was caused by a single day of intense work with poor posture, the problem is likely not very ingrained. Easy come easy go.

However, for a problem that has manifested itself over a long period of time, a solution must be applied over a long period of time.

Bottom line

He can fix the inclination, but if he does root cause has not corrected the inclination, it will simply continue to tilt.

Makhlouf GHARBI

The chiropractor said he put the pelvis back in place, but I can still get my stomach uneven (tied on one side). You mean, even if it's true that the pelvis is in place, if I have a muscular imbalance (and I think it is), is the pelvis being forced back into its starting position by the muscles?