Is Paul McCartney gay?

Music legend Paul McCartney spends evenings in a gay bar

He seems to have felt comfortable in this place! In the past few years it was rather quiet about the ex-Beatle Paul McCartney (76), until he recently returned with his new album "Egypt Station". The music legend is currently on the road in Austria, Great Britain, Argentina and America with the accompanying tour "Freshen Up". And during a stop in New York, the musician ended up in a rather unusual place for him: Paul was apparently a guest in a gay bar!

According to RadarOnline the 76-year-old spent an evening at Club Cumming - actor Alan Cumming's gay bar. And apparently the singer enjoyed the evening very much, because the co-owner of the club, Daniel Nardicio, revealed Straight Shuter: "It could be that Sir Paul becomes a regular guest with us. He and his friends had a quiet drink during our party. " The musician is said to have done without bodyguards during the visit.

In any case, nightclub owner Daniel was enthusiastic about the presence of the ex-Beatle. "He's really nice, polite and humble"was his résumé of the evening. Will the pop star be seen more often in the bar in the future? What do you all mean? Vote.

Do you think Paul could actually become a regular at the gay bar? 193 votes
Yes, apparently he enjoyed the evening.
No, that was probably only half a joke.

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