Can I learn C ++ and Python at the same time

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Post Mon May 27, 2019 8:41 pm

@ Andreas123: So I use Python for the big * and * the small things.

Python and Java are equally (in) suitable for Windows applications. If you really want to program * specifically * for Windows, I would use any .NET language. For your personal applications, however, it probably doesn't matter which programming language you use, as long as it solves your problems and you can get along with the language.

Sorry if that might not be the definitive answer you want to hear. You ask in a Python forum, so you can assume that the people here will find Python good and recommend it, which I am expressly doing here. But of course I am not impartial, like the other regulars here are not either. There are programming languages ​​that I would rather advise against, such as C ++ or Perl, because I don't get / have become warm with them. However, there are areas where C ++ cannot really be ignored, or where that is at least the best option.

As a programmer, you will ultimately have to learn more than one programming language. Partly because they are actually used, and because not every programming language "survives". On the other hand, it can also make sense to learn languages ​​that you will not even use in actual projects. To broaden your horizons or to see certain concepts in their pure form. For example, I couldn't imagine programming anything in Haskell or Prolog. But having learned and tried functional programming and declarative programming has an impact on how you see other programming languages ​​and how you think about problems and solutions. I've been programming in C differently since I got to know object-oriented and functional programming, although C doesn't really support one or the other with language resources.

The combination of Java and Python can IMHO make sense, also to learn both languages ​​better in this way, because you can get to know and compare differences and similarities. What is important is what __deets__ addressed: You have to make sure that this does not overwhelm you, because then the understanding of both languages ​​will probably suffer. And you always have to be a little careful not to program in one programming language like you learned in another. It is often easy to recognize a Java programmer or Pascal programmer by the way he is programming in Python if he is not really getting into the language. Each language has its own idioms and conventions.
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