Why do some people never get married

We are a brave nation through and through. If you believe the statistics, 33.3 percent of couples are divorced by the time they get married. According to a study by the Federal Statistical Office, every third marriage goes to pieces. But instead of capitulating to so much hopelessness, German citizens continue to marry indefatigably. Because they believe in great love.

The number of weddings has remained constant for more than ten years, with more than 350,000 married couples appearing at the altar every year - giving this word a whole new meaning. Who would dare so much in a comparable situation?

Let's imagine we're sitting in our dream car - classy shapes, comfortable interior, hellish engine. We are also allowed to take it with us if we sign up to buy it. Of course we are not naive and insist on a test drive. After the start, however, the following information appears on the display: "We kindly point out that the brakes of this vehicle will fail 50 percent. Good luck!"

Do we dare and go anyway? No we don't. After all, we are not tired of life.

But we get married, some several times. And that even though nobody had to: The times in which you were forced to marry due to pregnancy or family are over. The times when you were forced to hold out an unhappy marriage to the bitter end, as well. We all know that not only does trust grow over the years, but also familiarity - evenings in front of the television, breakfast behind the newspaper, silence in the car. Are you tempted to subscribe to it? Are the prospects so tempting that we throw our minds overboard - and ignore the fact that the subscription can expire at any time?

Ruffles in the brain

Sensible women suddenly flatten their noses at shop windows in front of satin robes and lace veils and enter all the wedding shops in the city, only to look like those honest mannequins that made them grimacing when they looked at them.

How can it be that even die-hard, emancipated women who are by no means romantically inclined fall into complete ecstasy at the sight of white frills? That self-confident, sensible female beings stand at attention in front of a bridal fashion saleswoman ("Only touch with gloves!", "You are too strong for that!", "Keep your bridal shoes on the sheet!") And without batting an eyelid, Pay more for a disposable dress than the whole honeymoon.

Of course, the bride swears that she will change the color of her dress later and wear it again on other occasions - even if she has to organize a motto ball with the title "Sissi - Fateful Years of an Empress". It will never happen.