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Seminars and coaching for entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur with a small or medium-sized company and have a dream? The dream of a meaningful, useful and attractive company. The dream of an exciting job that you and your employees enjoy. The dream of great success. The dream of creating something meaningful and thereby becoming significant yourself. And do you want to get even better? But maybe you are also wondering how it came about that your dream disappeared under a grueling 80-hour week or terrible balance sheets?

Your company is the product of your personality and at the same time your personality is shaped by your company. That is why you can only achieve lasting developments or changes if you start with your company AND your personality. You can be supported by someone who understands both of these things: An entrepreneur and a coach!

I personally or one of our specialized entrepreneur coaches, who have all been entrepreneurs for at least 10 years.

With seminars, entrepreneur coaching, products, brain trusts and exclusive entrepreneur training (your hero's journey to the Black belt entrepreneur), in which you have the opportunity to exchange ideas only with like-minded people ... let's help you learn what a great entrepreneur does and how they do it so that you can create a company with meaning. With this you ultimately create the chance for a fulfilling and meaningful life. All top athletes work with a coach. Many top entrepreneurs now too.

The success book for entrepreneurs!

The bestseller The path to becoming a successful entrepreneur is the standard work for entrepreneurs and the self-employed who want to bring freedom and self-determination back into their entrepreneurial life!

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Basic seminar: the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur

The implementation and basic seminar for the book of the same name. Work directly on your challenges and learn others unique entrepreneurs know. The ideal Entry into the entrepreneur coach community!

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Find for you your suitable entrepreneurial environment and benefit from exchanging ideas with like-minded people!
Under the guidance of an experienced entrepreneur coach, you will meet four times a year with 10 other entrepreneurs to move forward together.

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About Unternehmercoach GmbH

Unternehmercoach GmbH was founded by Stefan Merath, an expert in overcoming the second entrepreneurial growth hurdle (the transition from self-employed to entrepreneur) with the aim of enabling entrepreneurs to realize their dream through a combination of entrepreneurial experience and coaching (personal training) . It is very important to us that our customers create something meaningful!

It was clear from the start that entrepreneur coaching can only be carried out by entrepreneurs themselves.
His own background: Stefan Merath has been running his own company with up to 30 employees since 1997 - with very pleasant and very unpleasant, but above all always instructive experiences. In 2004 he started coaching entrepreneurs, published his first book in 2006, sold his second software company in 2007 and founded Unternehmercoach GmbH in 2007.

At the same time he began to hold his own seminars. In 2008 his second book "The Path to Successful Entrepreneur" was published - followed in 2011 by the neurostrategy book "The Art of Loving Your Customers". In 2017 his third work "Your will be done - guidance for entrepreneurs" was published.

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Thats what our customers say

At the right moment, I came across Stefan Merath's book "The way to a successful entrepreneur" encountered. In a previously unique way, he skilfully summarizes important entrepreneurial tasks. The following seminar of the same name also gave me the tools to get into action. In the last 7 years we have quadrupled sales and the number of employees and were named employer of the year in 2014. But these are just bare numbers - you can see everything else it has done on our website, for example.Andreas NaueasySoft. GmbH, Metzingen
The entrepreneur coach touched me deeply when I asked whether I would live my wishes and dreams as I imagined when I was 20. My thinking and acting has changed completely since then. The exchange with other agile and learning entrepreneurs has also contributed to the fact that my private and professional perspectives have a new quality and that I now live the entrepreneurial life as it suits me.

Inga Bauer
Bauer & Böcker GmbH & Co. KG, Remscheid