How does black coffee taste

Black coffee: the simple perfection

At black coffee opinions differ. Some love the black elixir. Others just can't get down a cup of the drink without milk and sugar.

Black coffee is also said to have many negative properties. This is said to be responsible for yellow teeth and hit the stomach. Due to the high caffeine content, the coffee makes you jittery and it also removes water from the body. Allegedly only black painters or even psychopaths like the black drink.

This coffee gossip is of course nonsense. In fact, the opposite is usually the case. In this article you will find out why black coffee is by no means unhealthy and also has an absolutely unique taste. We also give tips for perfect preparation.

What is black coffee?

Black coffee is the most natural of all types of coffee. In contrast to milk coffee such as cappuccino or latte macchiato, black coffee is enjoyed in its pure form without milk, sugar or other additives.

The black color of the coffee is caused by roasting. This process creates so-called melanoidins. These anti-oxidative pigments make the coffee black.

According to surveys, black coffee is preferred by a third of all coffee drinkers, while the rest prefer to enjoy coffee with the addition of milk and sugar. So the majority have not yet gotten the taste of black coffee.

By the way: Coffee does not contain any animal components as long as it is drunk black. Without animal milk, it is free from lactose. It is therefore also perfect for vegan coffee lovers.

Black coffee: effects and myths

Contrary to many prejudices, coffee consumed black is very healthy. In fact, it has a large number of health-promoting ingredients.

The contents include carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, minerals and easily digestible acids. Depending on the coffee bean, coffee has more than 900 special aromas.

1. Autophagy is driven

Those who drink their coffee black benefit from autophagy. This is a natural process by which the cells dispose of harmful substances. In this way, the body cells stay healthy and are renewed. The coffee is therefore said to have anti-cancer properties. Black coffee also has a positive effect on the heart and liver.

Tip: Adding milk to coffee destroys the positive effect of autophagy. Because the cow's milk inhibits the effect of the plant substances from the coffee bean. Another reason to drink your coffee black.

2. Is water being withdrawn from the body?

Contrary to many rumors, black coffee does not remove water from the body. Many studies have got to the bottom of this myth and have come to a different conclusion. The result: black coffee removes very little water from the body. Therefore it can even be added to the daily drinking balance.

3. Does black coffee make you fat?

In contrast to many other types of coffee, black coffee has almost no calories. A cup contains just three to four calories. Provided that the coffee is drunk pure and without the addition of milk, sugar or cream. Otherwise the calorie content is much higher.

Other types of coffee have a significantly higher amount of calories. A popular white coffee like the latte macchiato has between 130 and 200 calories per cup. Special sweet coffees, which you can get in various cafés, can also be real calorie bombs. With these you can quickly get a quarter of your daily calorie requirement.

Because of this low amount of calories, black coffee is particularly suitable for dieting or for weight loss. Black coffee also contains chlorogenic acid. This antioxidant reduces the amount of glucose absorbed by the blood and reduces the amount of fat stored in the body. Lose weight with coffee is also supported.

4. Too Much Caffeine?

The rumor that black coffee has too much caffeine continues to linger. Many people claim that all the caffeine is harmful and not only makes them awake, but even jittery. But this has not been proven. While it's true that the caffeine content of other types of coffee is slightly lower, that doesn't make black coffee worse per se.

One cup of the black drink contains between 60 and 100 milligrams of caffeine. The recommended amount of caffeine in your daily intake is 400 milligrams. This means that you can easily drink several cups a day. And probably few people drink enough coffee to get over that limit.

It is also interesting that the caffeine in black coffee breaks down more quickly. While the breakdown of caffeine in milk coffee can usually take up to eight hours, the effect of black coffee is only about an hour.

Incidentally, the bad reputation that caffeine has is completely unjustified. It has been proven several times that caffeine can increase performance and concentration as well as relieve headaches. So you can enjoy your cup of coffee without worries.

By the way: the intense taste of the coffee has nothing to do with the caffeine content. It depends on the type of coffee beans, the method of preparation, the roast and the amount of coffee used.

You can find out more about caffeine in our great caffeine article.

5. Yellow teeth?

There is indeed something to this rumor. Black coffee has the potential to stain teeth more than milk coffee. This is due to the tannins contained in coffee.

But don't worry. If you only drink a black coffee every now and then, your teeth will not turn yellow completely. If you pay attention to good dental hygiene, no dental problems will arise from drinking black coffee. If you also use a high-quality coffee machine and don't drink coffee too often, you don't have to worry about the notorious coffee smile.

6. The taste

The general opinion that black coffee does not taste good on its own persists. Although a third of all coffee drinkers like their coffee black, many coffee lovers only drink it with milk or sugar. This is mostly done out of habit. Because many do not know that black coffee can also taste extremely delicious on its own.

Of course, the bitter taste takes getting used to. But there are also many different types of black coffee. The taste always depends on the origin of the bean and the method of preparation. There are also black types of coffee that do not taste so bitter or intense and which should therefore be of interest to every coffee lover. So, especially with black coffee, it is worth trying different types.

Those who drink their coffee unadulterated also have the opportunity to taste the unique aromas. Because black coffee only develops its special aroma without flavor enhancers such as milk or sugar. If you drink your coffee black, you will get one of the most intense taste experiences in the world of coffee.

So that black coffee tastes boring and monotonous is nonsense.

By the way, cheap coffee in restaurants is often served with a lot of milk and sugar. Because this way the cheap quality is more easily concealed. If you do without additives, you can taste the quality of the coffee. This is also the reason why professional coffee tasters never add milk or sugar to coffee.

Tip: If you drink black coffee, it is best to use high-quality beans. Cheap beans are usually roasted far too quickly and taste burnt.

Interim conclusion on the black drink

Maybe you've only ever drunk your coffee with milk or sugar before. But now you know that black coffee has many health benefits and has to taste anything but boring.

Even if you are used to the taste of milk and sugar in your coffee, why not try drinking your next coffee black. You will notice that you will taste the coffee much more intensely. Because without milk or sugar, you can discover many flavors that you did not know before. Often times, whether you like black coffee or not is just a matter of habit.

The preparation

You can't really go wrong with making black coffee. Nevertheless, here are a few tricks that you can watch out for.

Black coffee | Instructions & preparation tips

If you really celebrate coffee, you should also pay attention to the subtleties of a simple cup of coffee!
  • Coffee machine (French press, Chemex, espresso maker, ...)
  • 180 ml hot water - ~ 92 ° C
  • 12 grams of freshly ground coffee
  • cocoa
  • cinnamon
  • cardamom
  • Sugar - or sugar substitute
  • honey
  • 1 dash of milk or cream - high-quality whole milk
  • 20 ml milk foam - high quality whole milk
  • Depending on the type of preparation, grind the coffee beans coarsely to finely
  • French press: medium to coarse Chemex: rather fine Filter coffee: rather fine Espresso maker / mocha pot: fine
  • Let the coffee brew well
  • French Press: 4-6 minutes Espresso maker / mocha pot: until all of the water has risen through the filter into the upper part of the pot Chemex & filter coffee: until all of the water has run through
  • Et voilà - good thirst! 🙂
  • If you prefer to enjoy your coffee black and without gimmicks, you should pay particular attention to the choice of the right coffee bean. With over 800 different flavors, everyone can find their own individual favorite coffee.
  • By adding various (above) optional ingredients, you can get so much more out of a simple cup of coffee without any additional equipment. For example, try a dash of honey instead of sugar - you will be pleasantly surprised, we promise! 🙂
  • The right brewing temperature is crucial. If you brew your coffee with boiling water, you will increasingly release bitter substances from the coffee. This leads to a bitter and inedible coffee. The perfect brewing temperature is between 86 ° -96 ° C. We use 92 ° C hot water for the French Press.

Preparation options

Black coffee is so popular not only because of its special taste and health reasons. The preparation is also very easy.

It doesn't matter whether you prepare the coffee in a filter machine or in a fully automatic machine, you are not limited to a single type of coffee machine. The coffee can also be infused by hand.

Tip: You can easily prepare your coffee even on vacation or on a hiking tour. Fresh coffee on the go? Clear! In addition to water and ground coffee beans, you don't need anything more than a field stove and a small French press. You can easily keep all of these things in a backpack. Brilliant!

Which beans are suitable?

In principle, you can use any type of coffee bean for your black coffee. Nevertheless, you should attach importance to a few criteria for a perfect coffee.

Of course there is also a large selection of beans in the supermarket, but if you really want to enjoy high-quality coffee, then you should also take a look around coffee roasters and special coffee shops. There are many offers for shopping for high-quality coffee beans, especially online.

The beans in industrial coffee are often not bad, but bitter substances are created during roasting. This ruins the taste and can even cause stomach pain.

If possible, you should buy Arabica beans. These come from the highlands and are of higher quality than many other beans. In addition, the beans should have been gently roasted. A good guideline is a maximum of 20 minutes at 260 degrees.

Tip: If you want to drink high-quality black coffee for the first time, we recommend a mild, low-acid coffee to start with. Coffees from Central America are particularly recommended here. These contain almost no bitter substances and are characterized by a fruity and sweet note.

The black variety

The cliché that black coffee is boring and monotonous is unfortunately still widespread. How good that this is not the case. Because black coffee can be enjoyed in many different variations and with various additives.

A classic among the black coffees is the world-famous espresso. It differs from conventional coffee in that it is finer and darker roast. During preparation, the hot water is pressed through the ground coffee beans at high pressure. Due to its strength, it is usually drunk in smaller portions. It is particularly suitable for ending a lunch or dinner.

Another specialty is the ristretto. In contrast to espresso, only half the amount of water flows through the coffee powder. This preparation makes the ristretto thicker and therefore an even more flavorful experience. The Italian lungo is exactly the opposite. This coffee is brewed with twice the amount of water. It is the alternative for breakfast or in the morning.

Café Americano is a variant that is very similar to the Lungo. Here, the espresso is extended with hot water after it has been brewed. But French coffees such as Café Double or Café Noir also promise absolute enjoyment. Both types of coffee are extra strong and are served in small cups.

The traditional mocha, also known as Turkish coffee, is a strong, black but also sweet coffee. The preparation of this coffee is based on a centuries-old tradition. The finely ground coffee is poured with water in an open jug and then boiled.

So these possibilities show that black coffee has to be anything but monotonous. And these are only a few of the diverse black coffee specialties. The number of other recommended variations is large.

Tip: Black coffee can still be refined with extras such as honey, cardamom, whiskey or lemons.

Conclusion: black coffee - healthy and unique

Black coffee is a true specialty among the types of coffee. At this point it should now be made clear that the negative prejudices against coffee are unfounded. Black coffee is healthy and easy to prepare. Due to the different types and possibilities of preparation, it is anything but boring or monotonous. Often it is just a matter of quality and habit whether you like the black coffee.

Those who drink their coffee black prove their excellent taste and can get to know new, intense aromas that they have never noticed before.

We hope we were able to inspire you with this article and wish you a lot of fun and enjoyment with your next black coffee.