Why should schools go digital and paperless?

Digitization of administration : School registration in Berlin should become paperless

At 18 primary schools in Mitte, Pankow, Reinickendorf, Spandau and Steglitz-Zehlendorf there is no need to appear personally when registering: The Senate Administrations for Education and Internal Affairs are starting a pilot project so that parents can process their applications digitally. The two authorities announced this on Monday.

The registration period for the future approximately 35,000 first graders begins on September 28, in the case of the pilot project this Monday. The registration deadline is the same on October 9th.

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But watch out: if the school of your choice, but not the catchment area school, takes part in the pilot project, you still have to bring your registration to the school in person. The spokesman for the education authority confirmed corresponding information on the Senate website on request. That should "change in the future".

The education authority did not want to publish which 18 schools are involved. It was not possible to find out on Monday when this information was available. (General information and tips on starting school can be found in the brochure "School registration - this is how it works!"summarized. The applications for school registration arehere retrievable.)

"The digital application makes work much easier and saves time. Not only for the parents, but also for the administrative staff," expects Berlin's State Secretary for Information and Communication Technology, Sabine Smentek (SPD).

The project will be expanded in the coming year

Your colleague from the education administration, Beate Stoffers (SPD), emphasized that it was only "the first step". With the relevant experience from the pilot project, work will continue "and the knowledge will not only be transferred to the registration of primary school students next year, but also to the registrations for secondary schools."

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According to the education administration, the digital application eliminates the need for "manual work steps". The data would no longer be transferred by typing on the sheet of paper, but would flow directly into the IT specialist process. "There are almost 400 primary schools in Berlin, around 360 of which are public.

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