What is a good trading job

Trade jobs and vacancies

  • Salary: What do you earn in the retail sector?

    After completing the relevant training, your salary in the retail sector is € 4,060 to € 4,670 per month.

  • In which sectors can you find job offers in the retail sector?

    In the trade work area you will find jobs in the following areas and companies, for example: Retail, antiques, communication technology, metal goods, home improvement supplies, motor fuels, petrol stations, leather goods, textiles, furnishing supplies, publishing products, sports equipment, goods, consumer goods, motor vehicle parts, trade brokerage, raw materials, semi-finished goods, aircraft , Household items, food, retail business

  • What activities do you have to do in the retail sector?

    In professions that require training in the retail sector, you will, among other things, identify innovative, practicable and successful retail concepts and activities, for example through competition monitoring, work out the integration of new concepts and activities in internal and cross-company processes, such as fully automated merchandise management systems or electronic trading activities. Furthermore, in your work you will describe, examine, analyze and assess trading activities, for example, and plan the company's strategic positioning.

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Bachelor of Arts Business Administration Commerce (m / f / d)

Bachelor of Arts Business Administration Commerce (m / f / d) wanted by Albert Berner Germany GmbH in Künzelsau.
Your profile Successfully completed school education (Abitur or technical college entrance qualification with a study ability test from the dual university) Interested in business management ...
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Sales employee (m / f / d) trade & logistics

Sales employee (m / f / d) trade & logistics wanted by HAUG UND FRIEDRICH Personal- und Unternehmensberatung GmbH in Munich.
Your tasks: Setup & development of the new project "Automatenvertrieb" Germany-wide (focus on southern Germany) Development of the processes together with ...
read on - rememberPublished 3 days ago

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Bachelor of Arts (m / f / d) Business Administration - Commerce with a focus on Controlling

Bachelor of Arts (m / f / d) Business Administration - Commerce with a focus on Controlling wanted by Albert Berner Deutschland GmbH in Künzelsau.
Your profile Successfully completed school education (Abitur or technical college entrance qualification with a study ability test from the dual university) Interested in business management ...
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Manager (m / f / d) business development trade with focus on processes

Manager (m / f / d) Business Development Retail Focus Processes wanted by Mainova AG in Frankfurt am Main.
Reporting requirements in retail systems (especially ETRM) You continuously monitor existing business models and processes in terms of performance, automation, ...
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Trainee capital markets trading (m / f / d)

Trainee capital markets trading (m / f / d) wanted by DZ BANK AG in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse.
Your tasks will include working directly in day-to-day business at the trading desks in Frankfurt, developing and analyzing product ideas ...
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(Senior) Consultant (f / m / d) trade

(Senior) Consultant (f / m / d) Retail wanted by adesso SE in Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart.
Professional experience and ideally have already carried out and managed customer projects independently. . Our goal is that you feel comfortable with us. ...
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(Senior) Consultant (m / f / d) / IT Project Manager E-Commerce / Retail

(Senior) Consultant (m / f / d) / IT project manager e-commerce / trade wanted by mgm consulting partners GmbH in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich-North.
And experience in working as an interface between the department and IT Fluent in German and English Willingness to travel Mentoring program and development talks ...
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Trading duties

Organize and plan

Business economists and business economists in retail carry out numerous tasks in the office on the computer, where they independently carry out, for example, sales analyzes or create plans to improve the automatic merchandise management system. Once a plan has been agreed with the management and approved, they implement it systematically and carefully review the separate steps. Since their analyzes also form the basis for important business decisions, their work requires a high degree of conscientiousness. It is therefore important that you are able to keep calm and an overview even under time pressure, and continue to work with concentration and precision. Because they are responsible for ensuring that corporate goals are achieved and that errors are avoided in such situations.

Communicate and coordinate

Furthermore, expressiveness and communication skills are required. Because in presentations such as in advisory and negotiation talks, it is important to present even difficult situations in an understandable and convincing manner - be it internally (e.g. to the management) or externally (e.g. to clients or suppliers).

The business economists also often work in teams with colleagues, for example to examine and analyze sales campaigns and to optimize them. If you are entrusted with the management of a project team, you will also design the cooperation between all employees. This requires both assertiveness and a willingness to compromise. Flexibility is also required when you are out in the field to visit clients or trading partners or to represent your company at trade fairs or on-site campaigns.

Your activities

  • Most of the time, the work is done while sitting.
  • Most of your work takes place on the screen. This includes analysis work, but also drafting concepts and doing planning work.
  • Most of your work takes place in offices.
  • Their tasks require frequent absences from home, for example in the field.
  • In your job, you have customer contact, for example designing trade management concepts for customers.
  • In your job, you take on responsibility for people, for example as the head of a functional area in a retail company.
  • In your job, you will be responsible for material assets, for example continuously checking trading activities and adapting them to changing circumstances.

Did you know...

... that jobs in the trade field are advertised in these industries:

  • retail trade
  • Antiques
  • Communication technology
  • Metal goods
  • Home improvement
  • Motor fuels
  • Gas stations
  • Leather goods
  • textiles
  • Furnishing needs
  • Publishing products
  • Sports equipments
  • Were
  • Consumer goods
  • Motor vehicle parts
  • Commercial brokerage
  • Raw materials
  • Semi-finished goods
  • Aircraft
  • Household items
  • Food
  • Retail company

Required skills and knowledge in the field of trade are e.g.

  • Foreign trade
  • Foreign trade law
  • Business administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • accounting
  • Controlling
  • Distribution systems
  • Purchasing
  • procurement
  • retail trade
  • export
  • Finance
  • Wholesale
  • Commercial management
  • Commercial law
  • import
  • management
  • calculation
  • customer advisory
  • Warehouse management
  • logistics
  • Market research
  • human Resource
  • Pricing
  • Assortment design
  • statistics
  • Tax law
  • Sales promotion
  • Contract law
  • distribution
  • Customs regulations
  • Customs clearance

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