How does gasoline taste

Drank gasoline. What is happening?

Does anyone have any idea what happens when you take a little sip of gasoline? '

Is that very bad?

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I think it's not bad, just think of the people who steal fuel from cars, who suck a sja also with their mouths because they certainly swallow a little too, and a work colleague has sucked in fuel as well, he has a real one take a big swig ...

Whereby by not bad I mean as you will not die, but maybe you get diarrhea or something ^^

What is, you tried to get the stuff out of the tank with the hose :) I recently had the cool soup in my mouth;) .. it doesn't taste that way ... how about petrol vll is that better?

Greetings M .;) no idea .. if you don't swallow it and rinse vigorously immediately afterwards (and the rinsed spit so don't swallow;)) then nothing should happen I think.

why do you ask?

do you want to compete with your car in terms of maximum consumption? : D

Just ask your doctor, he can give you a competent answer, I think.


DD driver

Nah, I have an Aprilia Rs50 and I put gas in a bottle in case I stop.

And the bottle was in my room and my father drank from it because he thought there was water in it. : rolleyes:

I've also had my mouth full of super: p

It tastes like shit, but I still live.

the poor is afraid for his life and we make fun of each other .. man man man

Seriously .. as far as I know you have a bunch of stuff that I've never heard of and don't want to have: Summary The organ changes observed in three fatal gasoline poisonings are in good agreement with the findings previously given in the literature.

This applies above all to the presence of subendocardial hemorrhages and symptoms in the lungs, which mostly showed numerous hemorrhagic foci and tissue bleeding. Hyperemia and edema of the brain were present in all cases. Hemolysis and methaemoglobin formation as well as other blood damage could not be detected.

The pathological-anatomical diagnosis of gasoline poisoning could be supported by the chemical-physical examination in individual parts of the organs, since the benzene and naphthalene hydrocarbons from the gasoline could be determined by absorption spectral analysis in the corpse material. The quantitative examination of the organs of the 1st and 2nd poisonous pathways showed, especially in case 2, an accumulation of naphthalene hydrocarbons and, in the case of the benzene hydrocarbons, a preferential breakdown of toluene.

The absorption spectral analysis has therefore proven to be suitable, even in the case of poisoning with gasoline, by determining the aromatic hydrocarbons derived from it, to largely secure the anatomical-pathological findings and to clearly clarify the occurrence of the poisoning.


Greetings Matthias P.S: Do you have a 2.8? always wanted to have one. maybe we'll get into business .. you won't need him soon anyway: D

[EDIT: Hmm .. so if your father has drunk it, what kind of car does he have? or will I get yours if your father's goes to you :)]

This text certainly applies to people or animals who have drunk a lot of Benin.

But I want to know if what happens if it was a little sip.

... that little sip won't kill anyone. Maybe a little nausea will follow, certainly not more.

MatthiasPK's text is great and so informative.

@ MatthiasPK: For me someone is an expert and knows the matter, who can describe complicated facts in a comprehensible way with simple words. There are certainly also generally understandable terms for non-medical professionals. Beautiful evening-

if he's not lit a cigarette afterwards it's not just a shitty taste: -D but as a tip, never put toxins in beverage bottles and if they do it. Could catch a child and the text will then apply.

Tell him to have a smoke first to calm him down: D

Seriously: I don't think that much will happen to him ... Gasoline tastes so disgusting, fortunately, that you spit it out immediately or are served after the first "sip". In the near future, just pay more attention to these symptoms, then nothing should happen.

Ps: You will surely have realized by now how important it is to correctly label vessels with potentially dangerous contents, especially if they are drinking vessels.

A little sip doesn't do anything.

The other day I had to suck in fuel with my mouth on my Golf 1 and had a rather large sip of Super Plus in my mouth and swallowed some of it.

Nothing happened at all.

However, I would be careful with coolant, the stuff is poisonous!

There is a doctor for that, or a page in every newspaper or phone book with emergency calls, police and Gift hotline. They surely also know what can happen if you swallow gasoline, as it can be seen as a poison,

Benzene is carcinogenic, isn't it, or is it no longer in gasoline these days?

With things like that, I would always go to the doctor, since even small things, like short-circuiting a car battery, can lead to cardiac arrhythmias.