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Doctoral programs vary in Germany depending on many factors. On the one hand, there is the distinction between structured and individual doctorates. On the other hand, the subject area plays a not insignificant role. Even if the duration of the individual doctoral project ultimately always depends on the research topic and the discipline as well as the living conditions of the researcher: tendencies can be identified in certain subject areas. Physicians, for example, are usually the quickest to obtain a doctorate, while humanities and engineers are on average the longest to obtain a doctorate. You can find out here how much time you should plan for the dissertation in your field of study.

3 years is often considered to be Rule of thumb for the duration of a doctorate. However, only a few doctoral candidates actually complete their dissertations within 36 months. In addition, up to the Award of the doctorate often still round a year goes by if you allow time for the evaluation and publication of the work.

Full-time doctoral candidates usually close earlier off as PhD students who part-time do a doctorate. Because balancing a job and a doctorate requires persistence and discipline.

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New insights, results and data sources often provide Delays in the research process - this is how doctoral candidates plan roughly at the beginning of the research project half a year to a full year less than you actually need in the end. This is especially true for individual doctorates. Structured doctoral programs in so-called graduate schools or graduate colleges are usually more standardized in the process and lead to a doctorate more quickly. 3 to 4 years apply here as a guideline. Individual doctorates take around a year longer (4 to 5 years).

The time required to complete the dissertation is difficult to generalize as it depends primarily on the personal circumstances such as the financing options and possible family obligations. On average, doctoral candidates are at the end of their dissertation 32 years old, whereby the age varies greatly across disciplines. The youngest PhD students can be found in the economics and science subjects. Engineers as Social and humanities scholar tend to be more frequent at the end of their doctorate older than 34 years than in other disciplines.

In fact, the duration of the doctorate also varies across subjects. How to do a PhD Humanities scientist according to a survey with average 5.1 years the longest, followed by Engineers With 5.0 years and Economists and social scientists With 4.6 years. Record times of 1 to 3 years only medical professionals create. The doctorate is often integrated into the course here. Statistical work in which all data sources are already available and of good quality can be used in the medical field in 6 to 12 months realize. Experimental or clinical doctoral theses including data collection, on the other hand, take time up to 3 years. Also make a special case legal doctorates Driven by constantly changing legal situations, lawyers are recommended to do their doctorate quickly - in 2 to a maximum of 3 years. Also mathematician are usually in a hurry and often close within the goal of 3 years from. In the Natural sciences, the Computer science as well as the psychology are 4 years a realistic guideline.

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