Is there a cure for Vitiligo

Dermatologists Achieve Potential Breakthrough In Vitiligo Treatment

Medics from the Yale School of Medicine have succeeded in treating the troublesome patches of skin on a patient with Vitiligo with the help of a drug commonly used to treat rh

Medical professionals at the Yale School of Medicine have managed to treat the annoying patches of skin on a patient with vitiligo with a drug commonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. This is the Janus kinase inhibitor tofacitnib.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which the skin's melanocytes are attacked and destroyed by the body's own immune system, which leads to unpigmented spots on the skin of those affected. This cosmetic impairment is a serious burden for many of those affected and not infrequently leads to psychological sequelae.

So far, there are no really satisfactory treatment options. Therefore, the result that the team from the USA has achieved is unique and could revolutionize the treatment of the disease, commented Dr. Brett King, Professor of Dermatology and Senior Investigator, the success. “This could be a huge step forward in treating patients with this condition”.

Researchers are optimistic, larger studies are planned

The study (DOI: 10.1001 / jamadermatol.2015.1520) describes the treatment of a 53-year-old test person with noticeable white spots on her face and hands. Despite treatment with tinctures and UV rays in the past, the progression of the disease could not be stopped. After only two months of treatment with tofacitinib, the particularly annoying spots on the face and hands had almost completely disappeared, while some of them remained on other parts of the body.

The idea of ​​trying the active ingredient for the therapy of Vitiligo came from the observation that it was successfully used against hair loss in alopecia areata. This is another autoimmune disease that causes hair follicle death. The two conditions share genetic risk factors in common, and the study found it was not uncommon for them to occur together in the same person or within a family. This suggests a common pathogenesis. Therefore, the effect on the skin disease is not surprising.

Although this has only been a successful case so far, the fact that success based on an understanding of both the pathogenesis of the disease and the mechanism of action of tofacitinib has been predicted makes the doctors optimistic. The next thing they want to do is examine the tolerability and effectiveness in clinical studies on a larger number of test subjects.

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