What happened to Esau in the Bible

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Esau and Jacob were twins of Isaac and Rebecca, Esau was the firstborn. He is described as "reddish, like a hairy cloak all over", which also goes hand in hand with the meaning of his name (Esau means "hairy", see Gen. 25:26). The first thing we are told about him is the sale of his birthright for a little of the red lentil dish to Jacob. That is why he is also referred to as a godless person in the NT because he did not value the gift of God. Afterwards he tried diligently and with tears to regain the blessing, but he found no room for repentance (Gen. 25: 29-34, Heb 12:16, 17).

Jacob fraudulently received the blessing of the father (who, contrary to God's plan, wanted to give him to Esau), in which he made Jacob lord over Esau and made all his brothers servants. This was the blessing of Esau: “Your abode will be far from the fatness of the earth, and without the dew of heaven from above, and by your sword you will live, and your brother you will serve; and it will happen, if you wander about, you will break his yoke off your neck. "(Gen. 27: 39-40) Esau hated his brother and considered killing him as soon as the days of mourning his father were over. Isaac's words were fulfilled: David later occupied all of Edom (that is where Esau lived, Gen. 36: 8), and all Edomites became his servants (2. Sam. 8:14); later, however, the Edomites refused at the hand of Judah, and although Joram would have been able to punish them - although Judah grew weaker and weaker - "the Edomites fell away from the subordination of Judah to this day" (2 Kings 8: 20-22). Obadiah announced the final judgment of the Edomites: no remnant will be left. See also Edom.

Esau had three wives (see Basmath) and a large offspring that grew into a mighty tribe. When he went to meet Jacob, four hundred men accompanied him. It may be that God warned Esau, just as he warned Laban not to chase Jacob; or Esau's grudge against Jacob was slackened, for when he met Jacob, “Esau ran to meet him and embraced him, and fell on his neck and kissed him; and they wept. "So they were happily reunited. After Isaac's death they buried him together (Gen. 33: 4, Gen. 35:29).

In Mal 1,2.3 it is said of Esau that he was hated by the Lord, whereas Jacob was loved. Paul quotes this in Romans 9:13, where God's sovereignty is shown. It had been foretold that the elder would serve the younger before both were born, before they could do good or bad: that was God's sovereignty. But it was not foretold that God would hate Esau, this is not mentioned until the end of OT. This is only said after Esau has shown his merciless hostility towards Israel in his descendants, and after Esau personally long before despised the gift of God, his birthright. This passage in Malachi is referred by some to the two nations that started out from Esau and Jacob.