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Do you want to travel to Yemen privately as a tourist or do you have business to do in the country in the Middle East, which is about one and a half times the size of Germany? For both cases you need a Yemen visa. You must apply for all visas at the consulate prior to your trip. If you want to enter Yemen from Germany, you need a passport or a temporary passport for your Yemen visa, which, like all travel documents, must be valid for three months after the trip. This also applies to trips to Yemen with children. They also need a Yemen visa. You must apply for your Yemen visa at the Yemeni embassy or consulate well in advance of your arrival. It is no longer possible to obtain visas upon entry at Sanaa Airport and at the border crossing points. Another important information in connection with your Yemen visa is that an extension of the residence permit is possible after entry. However, you should make sure that you leave Germany in good time before your visa expires or that the Yemen visa is extended in good time. Otherwise you face penalties for illegal stay. If minors are traveling alone with a Yemen visa and your passport from Germany to Yemen, you should definitely have a power of attorney from the parents with you, which is notarized by the Yemeni embassy or consulate. If only one parent is traveling to Yemen with a child and a visa, a power of attorney from the other parent is recommended, which should also be certified by the consulate. Further information about your Yemen visa: If you travel to Yemen for more than eleven days, you usually have to report your stay to the nearest police station.

Use the Visa service, get information and save time

You can of course find out about these and other provisions for your Yemen visa yourself before you travel to Yemen from Germany. However, it is more convenient and less time-consuming if you use our visa service, because we have experience with visa matters and can contact the embassy or consulate for you. You will receive your Yemen visa in good time before your entry, because we have all the important information ready for you in connection with your Yemen visa. This way you avoid long queues at the consulate and can get your visas without stress. Further information about your Yemen visa is that the entry requirements for citizens from Germany can change at short notice, even shortly before your entry. It is therefore advisable to find out about any changes to your Yemen visa directly at the consulate.

Further important information: The medical care in Yemen is of course not comparable to that in Germany, but for most acute emergencies the care in the capital Sanaa is sufficient. Outside of Sanaa, significant restrictions are to be expected. If you are traveling to Yemen from Germany with your Yemen visa, you should definitely take out international health insurance with a repatriation option. A yellow fever vaccination is required when entering from areas of infection. No yellow fever vaccination is required for direct entry from Germany.

Means of payment in Yemen

Here is some information about the Yemeni currency: The local currency is the Yemeni rial. US dollars and euros can easily be exchanged in exchange offices in all major cities. You should always have small dollar bills with you - like your Yemen visa - with you, for example for tips and 100-dollar bills for later change. The use of credit cards is limited to banks, hotels and travel agencies. There are ATMs in Sanaa that accept credit cards and dispense rials or USD for a small fee.

The four Yemeni cities of Aden, Sanaa, Taizz and al-Hudaida have international airports. Flight connections exist mainly to other countries in the region and some destinations in Europe.