What if an F4 tornado hits Bangladesh

The Fujita scale

Depending on the wind speed, the cyclone is classified from F0 to F5. Theoretically, the scale goes up to F12, which corresponds to a wind speed of more than 1000 kilometers per hour. But the maximum speed of a tornado measured so far is 510 kilometers per hour (F5).

Tornado researchers do not believe in F6 tornadoes or even higher wind speeds: According to the physics of the cloud, a maximum of 600 kilometers per hour is possible. That’s the theory. In practice, the classification according to speed does not work because it cannot be measured reliably. So the damage is assessed and the tornado is classified accordingly.

In the USA, a modified scale has been used since 2006, the so-called EF scale (Enhanced Fujita Scale).

F0 (<= 117 km / h)

Slight damage to chimneys, broken branches and tree tops, trees with shallow roots are uprooted, billboards are overturned.

F1 (117-180 km / h)

Corrugated iron or roof tiles are lifted off, campers overturned, moving cars are shifted.

F2 (180-252 km / h)

Roofs are covered as a whole, mobile homes are completely destroyed, large trees are uprooted, light objects become dangerous projectiles.

F3 (252-333 km / h)

Roofs and light walls are being removed, trains derail, most of the forest is being uprooted, trucks are overturned or moved.

F4 (333-419 km / h)

Wooden houses with weak anchoring are being moved, cars are overturned, and heavy objects are turned into dangerous projectiles.

F5 (> 419 km / h)

Wooden houses are torn from their foundations, shifted widely and dismantled.