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VAT calculator

Any calculation of net, VAT and gross when entering one of these amounts. The selection of different German, Austrian and Swiss sales tax rates, as well as the possibility of entering an individual tax rate, make the calculator perfect.

Many Germans find time and again that it is relatively complicated to shop in the USA. The reason is the opaque VAT regulations. Unlike in Europe, VAT in the US is not set by the federal government, but by the respective states. In addition, there are sometimes cities or municipalities that also receive a certain share. The result is that VAT in the USA can even vary from city to city.

No uniform sales tax rate in the US

Since there is no generally applicable tax rate, the so-called sales tax does not have to be shown in the price of products. There are a number of tables on the Internet that tell you how much sales tax is in a particular state and in different cities and towns there.

Complicated regulation for tourists

Another specialty are the regulations of the different states for tourists. For example, if you shop in New Orleans in the state of Louisiana, you can have the sales tax paid back when you leave the country by presenting the relevant receipts at the airport. There are similar regulations in other parts of the country, so you should definitely inform yourself thoroughly before traveling.

If you discover during a trip to the USA that the prices for many products, such as clothing, are significantly lower than in Germany, you should remember that you still have to pay the so-called import sales tax of 19 percent when entering Germany , in some cases customs duties are also due.

Import sales tax

Import sales tax is also calculated when ordering from an online shop in the USA via the Internet. In the case of large shops and many courier services, the customer then receives an invoice in which the import sales tax is already shown. So you should consider these points in any case before buying.


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