What words only Singaporeans would understand

23 Tips for Singapore - What you should know before you travel

Exploring the city is just plain fun. A particular highlight is the view from one of the many vantage points.

Best travel time & climate for Singapore

Singapore is located in the tropical climate zone near the equator. Accordingly, it is warm here all year round. The city-state thus has only one season, namely summer. And it is also warm and humid.

Travel time:
The nice thing about the temperatures is that there is no best time to travel. You can travel to Singapore at any time all year round. However, it can be in the months of November & December heavy rains come.

Due to the humid and summer temperatures, you should light and casual summer clothes wrap up. In addition, you should definitely pack sunscreen and mosquito repellent, even if you are flying to Singapore in the winter months.

You have to expect these temperatures in Singapore.

Preparations, arrival & entry

You need for Singapore no visa apply if you will be staying in the country for less than 90 days. You should only check whether your passport is valid during your stay. I also always recommend that the passport remains valid for at least 3 months longer after the stay.

For Singapore you need no special vaccinationsif you fly there directly from Germany. If you come from a yellow fever region, you have to prove a vaccination.

Travel adapter:
If you want to charge your electronic devices in Singapore, be sure to get them in advance a multi travel adapter. If you have several electronic devices with you, take a junction box with you. You then simply connect this to the socket in your accommodation using the adapter.

You don't have to prepare a lot for a trip to Singapore, and the transit works very well here if you want to continue flying.

Direct flights:
From Germany you can fly to Singapore with direct flights from Frankfurt am Main and Munich. The flight time is then around 11 to 12 hours. It is best to try to fly overnight so that you arrive in Singapore by 10 a.m. in the morning.

In my opinion, the best airlines to fly to Singapore are Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines. If you can choose Be sure to take Singapore Airlines. The service from this airline is amazing.

You fill in the form as soon as you enter the country an entry slip out. Then fingerprints will be taken from you with a scanner and a photo will be taken. Everything else you need to know about entering Singapore has been summarized for you in this post.

Entry is also very quick and well organized.

How long will you stay and where will you stay overnight?

How long to stay
In Singapore you can 1 week without any problems spend. There is enough to discover here. In addition, you have to expect long waiting times at some attractions that are absolutely worth seeing. If you are only in Singapore for a short time, i.e. 1 or 2 days, you should plan everything more precisely and better.

Where to sleep?
The nice thing about Singapore is that you need to be around the perfect place to stay not to really think about it. Since the size of the city is manageable, you can get there from anywhere, anywhere quickly. So if I were you I would just make sure that there is a subway station nearby.

If you stay at the Hotel Parkroyal On Pickering, you've probably picked the most spectacular hotel in town.

1 day in Singapore:
If you are only in Singapore for 1 day, focus on 2 things. Then just take a look at the area around Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay. Shortly before your departure, you will also visit Changi Airport.

2 days in Singapore:
If you have 2 days, then in addition to the spots from day 1, check out the Chinatown, Little India and the Arab Quarter. Then maybe plan a visit to one of the highlights in the Gardens by the Bays. But you should make a reservation here.

Visiting Chinatown is definitely worth it if you are here for more than just a day.

3 days in Singapore:
If you are staying in Singapore for 3 days, you can take a trip to Sentosa Island on the third day. You should stay on this until the evening hours to experience the light show on the beach.

5 days in Singapore:
With a stay of 5 days you can see almost everything that should be seen in Singapore. Make sure to visit the “MacRitchie Reservoir” nature reserve, the most famous shopping street, Orchard Road and the National Museum of Singapore.

You can find monkeys in the MacRitchie Reservoir, the largest park in the city-state, among other places.

How to pay in Singapore

What money does Singapore have?
In Singapore you can with the Singapore Dollar (SGD) pay. You will mainly have bills to the value of 2, 5, 10 and 50 SGD, as well as coins to the value of 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, and 1 SGD.

How expensive is Singapore?
Local transport and also the food is cheap and cheap in Singapore not more expensive than in Germany. However, you should plan for higher costs if you want to see the paid highlights. With these you can quickly get rid of 50 euros in a day for one person.

How Much Cash Exchange?
A day you should around 70 euros plan for Singapore per person. However, if you are only here for 1 day, then you should plan on 100 euros, as you still have to plan the costs for Internet and the NETS Card for local transport.

You will come into contact with these banknotes in particular.

Where to change money
The easiest way is to change the money right at the airport. Here you will find several exchange offices that are almost always open. In Germany, on the other hand, I wouldn't exchange any money. In this country the fee is too expensive.

Which credit cards for Singapore?
In Singapore you can come along without any problems Master or Visa card pay. Paying with a credit card is also possible almost everywhere. These cards are accepted even for small amounts.

Is Singapore Going Without Cash?
I wouldn't do without cash entirely. Especially when you want to get a quick drink in a 7Eleven or from a vending machine, it is worthwhile to have some cash with you. Anything that is more than 10 SGD can easily be paid for with a credit card.

You can also pay by card almost everywhere.

What is banned in Singapore?

If you are traveling in Singapore, you should pay attention to a few things that are punished with a short warning in this country. In Singapore there are many offenses against it heavy fines, in many cases imprisonment and in some cases even the death penalty.

You should only eat in the designated places and not in the subway.

Here is a list of 16 points that I recommend to you to refrain from in Singapore:

  1. It is forbidden Smoking in public. Only use places where this is expressly permitted.
  2. The careless Throwing away rubbish of any kind is prohibited. Make sure you only throw your rubbish in a bin.
  3. That is also forbidden Consumption of food and drink in public transport.
  4. Drug trafficking and drug use is severely punished, including the death penalty. Don't even think about ingesting such substances here.
  5. The indecent behavior by men women are punished with imprisonment and / or flogging.
  6. Racist comments are also punished in the multi-ethnic state.
  7. Also pronouncing obscene words in public places, can result in a fine. If you like to curse, avoid the f ** k word.
  8. The Consumption of alcohol in public places between 10.30 p.m. and 7 a.m. is also a criminal offense. That is why the sales refrigerators with alcohol in stores are also locked during this time.
  9. Drunk in public walking around is also punished. Be careful not to overdo it when you go to party somewhere.
  10. Carrying out and passing on pornographic content any kind is prohibited in Singapore.
  11. If you like to walk around your accommodation naked, make sure nobody sees it. This is also punished. Make sure to draw the curtains.
  12. If you have a open W-LAN see somewhere, do not log into this one. This is illegal in Singapore and can be punished. Exceptions are, of course, W-LANs for which this is officially permitted, such as the W-LAN of the metro.
  13. Spit in public is prohibited. So also the brief spit out somewhere on the street.
  14. to chew bubble gum are you allowed in Singapore if you have a medical certificate for it. But I recommend that you refrain from doing this and that you do not take any chewing gum with you.
  15. Urinating in the elevator (yes, there is something like that too) and up Toilets do not flush will also be punished.
  16. You should only cross roads where this is allowed, i.e. at pedestrian crossings or zebra crossings. Otherwise, you can also get a fine for this. (I saw many locals crossing the street when it was red)

You can party in Singapore in the evening, but you shouldn't get drunk.

What to do in Singapore

Explore Singapore on your own:
It's easy to discover the city for yourself the best you can do. You don't have to be afraid of robberies or robberies here. Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. So just go ahead and take a look at everything.

Discover on foot:
Personally, I love walking around a city. Singapore is perfect for this. Everything worth seeing is theoretical easy to walk. If you are in the city a little longer, then simply pick an area and explore everything on foot.

Singapore by night:
As soon as it gets dark, you can go to Singapore enjoy several light shows. The most spectacular can be found at Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay and Silosa Beach on Sentosa. Otherwise there is a lot of lighting here, so it is simply fun to explore the most famous spots at night as well.

You should definitely visit the island of Sentosa if you are looking for a great beach.

What to do when it rains
If you are unlucky and it rains non-stop on your short trip to Singapore, the best thing to do is to take a look at the National Museum. Alternatively, you can visit the domes at Gardens by the Bay. Or check out the department stores on Orchard Road. Alternatively, you also have several indoor spots on the island of Sentosa.

Where is the best place to eat?
The question of where to eat best in Singapore is not easy to answer. You can actually find a small food court with a large selection of dishes almost everywhere. As a first point of contact, however, I always recommend one of the Food court in the shopping centers. You will find plenty of them in the city alone.

Which attractions to visit?
As already mentioned, Singapore has so much to offer that you won't be able to do it all in 1-3 days. A first overview of which Highlights of Singapore you should definitely have a look, that's why you can find it here in this extra post from me.

The absolute highlight are of course the Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay

Which country can you connect Singapore with?

Singapore is ideal for one short or long stopover. This is the best place to take a break if you're planning a trip to Australia or New Zealand. Then just spend at least 2-3 days in the city before flying any further.

On the other hand, if you are planning a tour of Asia, Singapore should definitely be on your list. You come from here problem-free in all Asian countries, in which you can enter as a German tourist without any difficulties.

If you want to go to Australia, a short stay in Singapore is perfect.

So that you have a rough guide to what flight times to expect, here is one List of goals with the approximate flight time from Singapore:

countrycityFlight time from Singapore
AustraliaBrisbaneabout 8 hours
AustraliaSydneyabout 8 hours
AustraliaMelbourneabout 8 hours
ChinaHong Kongapprox. 4 hours
ChinaShanghaiapprox. 5:30 hours
ChinaBeijingabout 6 hours
IndiaCalcuttaapprox. 4 hours
IndiaDelhiapprox. 5:30 hours
IndiaMumbaiapprox. 5:30 hours
IndonesiaJakartaapprox. 1:30 hour
JapanTokyoapprox. 7 hours
JapanOsakaapprox. 6:30 hours
MalaysiaKuala LumpurAround 1 hour
New ZealandAucklandapprox. 11 hours
South KoreaSeoulapprox. 6:30 hours
ThailandBangkokapprox. 2:30 hours
ThailandPhuketabout 2 hours
TaiwanTaipeiapprox. 5 hours
VietnamHanoiapprox. 3:30 hours

You can also plan the city on a round trip through Asia, for example if you want to fly to Japan afterwards.