What is 1000 ton injection molding machine

Von Vanto Maschinen We offer a complete second-hand sale of plastic injection machines, and we only and exclusively offer premium quality machines (plastic injection machines used plastic injection machines of the occasion), which is one of our main identities. We work with the top performing brands in the plastics industry on an international level: Engel, Krauss Maffei, Husky, Netstal and we check all machines to ensure that they meet the end customer's expectations.

On our site you can find a range of plastic injection machines starting with the machine from 50 tons of clamping force and gradually going up to 4,000 tons that allow us to meet any kind of need and demand you may have. Plastic injection machines, as the name suggests, are a machine that melts the plastic through an injection system and injects it into a new mold with a specific shape. This plastic injection molding system is a semi-continuous process that consists in injecting a polymer in the molten state under pressure and cold through a small opening into a closed mold. In this form the material solidifies and begins to crystallize in the form of semi-crystalline polymers. The end piece or part is obtained by opening the mold and removing the molded part from the cavity.

Injection molding is one of the most popular techniques because, on the one hand, it enables production for very different industries; Parts for toys, housewares, automotive components, airplanes and spaceships in between. On the other hand, the production of plastic parts by injection molding offers several advantages: Among which we can name the following; A high level of production, a large variety of shapes in parts and the simultaneous production costs are quite low with the fast production speed.

Another aspect that this injection process in plastic takes into account is that it does not cause direct pollution due to the non-emission of environmentally harmful gases or high noise levels. To give us an idea, only in the United States has the plastics industry grown 12% annually for the past 25 years, which is the primary method of plastic molding. As soon as you have decided on one of our plastic injection molding machines, we offer you a complete turnkey service from Vanto Machines to the point of purchase. This means that we will take care of the entire logistical process, including checking and checking the machine, dismantling, transporting and assembling it once it is installed on site, as well as checking and adapting it according to the agreed specifications. Everything checked by our specialist technicians who personally ensure the correct operation of plastic injection machines.