Why does my penis smell so bad

Disgust alarm Help, his penis stinks! Everything about proper intimate hygiene

There is hardly anything more unpleasant than a smelly genital area. Because even if your friend takes a shower, deodorises, and also uses perfume every day, it can turn out to be one smelly penis come. The most important thing now is that you approach the topic cautiously and overcome the crisis. Because if you want to have sex with your boyfriend, the genital area has to be washed - everything else is one Lust killer. What are the causes of a smelly penis, how you tell it and what he can do for his private parts, you can find out here.

The penis stinks: the causes

First of all, your partner should clarify whether a disease can be ruled out. Yeast infections or vaginal diseasesthat your friend may have contracted could be the cause of the disgust smell. If your friend is healthy, there are other causes of a smelly genital area:

  • Sweat: The genital area is not something that is well ventilated during the day. Therefore sweat tends to build up in all folds and cracks. When it dries or mixed with dead skin and other bacteria from the anus or urine, there is a foul penis odor.

  • Urine residue: Yes, men too might want to use some toilet paper after urinating. Because if you don't wipe away urine residue, Bacteria multiply en masse - especially on the glans and under the foreskin.

  • Smegma: This white-yellowish secretion is produced by the glands of the foreskin and glans and is used to keep the penis moist. If the penis hygiene is inadequate, too much or too much accumulates old smegma and the smell of disgust arises.

Washing intimate areas: this is how it works

  1. At the daily shower, your partner should retract the foreskin properly and wash all cracks, creases and folds thoroughly with clean water. Also the Testicles and the anus must not be ignored here. An aggressive soap is out of place, by the way. A pH-neutral intimate washing gel is better suited.

  2. At the Dry the foreskin should also be carefully withdrawn. Because the drier the skin, the slower new bacteria can form.

  3. A fresh pair of underpants off cotton is a perfect start to the day. On the other hand, you sweat faster in synthetic fabrics.

  4. After using the toilet, take the penis with you Toilet paper clean.

  5. Washing the genital area every day is sufficient. However, if you have had sex, further purification is required. Because dried up semen in the small wrinkles of the foreskin, also leaves a foul odor.

  6. If the penis odor is very persistent, a antiseptic wound cream help. Because it disinfects the skin and also cares for the genital area. Also special intimate hygiene or Intimate fragrances can contribute to a pleasant smell. However, ointments and fragrances cannot replace thorough, daily care.

By the way: a man's penis can say a lot about his health!

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By the way: Together too take a shower and washing each other is a pretty hot one and intimate form of foreplay. Maybe you just make this a habit. Because then nobody has to be embarrassed anymore.

How do I tell my partner?

Nobody likes to address extremely unpleasant topics. But if you love your partner, it has to come out somehow. There are basically two variants:

Short and painless

If you notice an unpleasant smell the next time you petting or having sex, squeeze the immediately Stop button. Make it clear that under these circumstances you just can't go on and you feel disgusted. The shock is probably big, but it's finally out and you can work on it. You should still be polite. Instead of just saying: "Man, you stink!", You can also say: "I'm sorry, honey, but I just can't sleep with you like that. You smell really unpleasant! ”A conversation should now follow in which you make suggestions on how you can work on intimate hygiene so that you can enjoy your love life again.

Calm and empathetic

For a man with a delicate soul, a more sensitive variant is probably more suitable. Tell your partner that you want to talk to them about an important topic over a nightcap. Speak out calmly, that you are very embarrassed about the problem yourself and you thought about how to say it for a long time. Because only honesty can get you ahead now. When it's finally out, you can work on a solution together.