How much architect fee for the project

Performance phaseShare of the total fee1. Basic determination: Determination of the framework conditions in cooperation with the construction family
2 %
2. Preliminary planning: Creation of sketches and drawings on a suitable scale after introducing the construction family, determining the feasibility and first cost estimate
7 %
3. Draft planning: Preparation of floor plans, sectional drawings and exterior view on a scale of 1: 100, building description, cost calculation
15 %
4. Approval planning: Submission of building applications to the responsible authorities and obtaining the building permit
3 %
5. Implementation planning: Creation of precise drawings on a scale of 1:50 and detailed drawings on a larger scale
25 %
6. Preparation of the award of services: precise dimensioning and creation of the service description for craftsmen and creation of the tender for companies
10 %
7. Participation in awarding contracts: Examination of incoming offers and preparation of a cost estimate
4 %
8. Site supervision: Control of the correct execution of work on the construction site and acceptance of finished work including invoice verification
32 %
9. Facility management and documentation: Compilation of important documents and handover to the construction family
2 %