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Silence to God

621A psalm of David to be sung for everyone to do.

2My soul is Isa 30:15

to God who helps me.

3For it is my Ps 18: 3
Rock, my help, my protection,

that I will certainly not waver.

4How long do you all chase one

everyone wants to kill him

as if it were a hanging wall

and a cracked wall?

5They just think how they bring him down from his height

they enjoy lying;

they bless with their mouths,

but in their hearts they curse. SELA.

6But just be quiet to God, my soul;

because he is my hope.

7He is my rock, my help and my protection,

that I won't waver

8With God is my salvation and my honor,

the rock of my strength,

my confidence is with God.

9Hope in him always, dear people,

pour out your heart before him;

God is our confidence. SELA.

10But people are nothing, great people also deceive;

they weigh less than nothing, as much as theirs are.

11Do not rely on violence

and put no vain hope in robbery;

Mt 19,22
Luke 12: 15-21
1 Tim 6,917
wealth falls to you

so your heart is not attached to it.

12God said one thing

I have heard two things:

God alone is mighty

13and you, Lord, are gracious;

for Romans 2: 6-11
you repay everyone

how he deserves it.