Why is the police called Fuzz

Translation of "fuzz" in German

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Fluff Fuzz Bulls
In relative terms, that fuzz is the same thickness as our planet's atmosphere.
In relative terms, this one fluff the same thickness as the atmosphere of our planet.
Megaphones fuzz and a woofer on fritz.
megaphone fluff and a woofer on Fritz.
You better get rid of that fuzz under your nose.
You should get those too Lint remove under the nose.
The process of claim 1 wherein the greige denim twill fabric is singed to remove fuzz.
A method according to claim 1, wherein the denim gray fabric is twill weave for the purpose of removing Lint is singed.
On the eyes is pink fuzz attached.
The eyes are more pink fluff attached.
The branches are located in contiguous whorls, annual shoots are covered with thick, red fuzz.
The branches are located in neighboring vertebrae, become annual shoots with thick, red ones fluff covered.
On the eyes is pink fuzz attached.
The eyes are more pink fluff appropriate.
This could invite fuzz or rip-offs.
this could fluff cause or invite rip-offs.
Busy ratting us out to the fuzz?
Busy ratting us to the fluff out?
I can see some fuzz popping out on your cheek.
I see a little there fluff on your cheek.
Are you finally getting fuzz in weird places?
Finally grows in strange places fluff?
0.0 means no fuzz - edges are razor sharp.
0.0 means none Blur. The edges are razor sharp.
Such colors tend to blur or fuzz when transferred from computer to video.
Such colors may or may not be blurry after being transferred from computer to video appear out of focus.
Select here the fuzz distance in absolute intensity units.
Now the fuzz is finished with us.
I just wanted to put the fuzz onto Holleck.
I just wanted the Holleck Goo on 'n Rushing throat.
And the last one, green fuzz.
The 'Boost' knob adjusts the fuzz intensity in this mode.
The recipes are basic, without any unnecessary fuzz.
The recipes are simple and basic without unnecessary Flourishes.
You ambushed us with the fuzz.
You lured us for them cops in an ambush.
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