Do you know some useful cleaning tips

Clean the screen - our best tips

Working on a well-cleaned screen is much more pleasant and gaming is more fun if you have a full view. In the following, we will give you some useful tips on how to quickly remove dirt, dust, stains, etc. from your screen and tell you what you shouldn't do when cleaning your screen.

Clean the screen if it is lightly soiled

  1. Before you start cleaning, unplug the monitor and then wait at least 30 minutes to avoid short circuits.
  2. In many cases, a normal handkerchief is sufficient to remove light dirt from the screen. If possible, this should not be provided with a layer of balsam, as this can cause smears on the screen.
  3. A microfiber cloth, which you can moisten with a little water, is better for cleaning the screen. You can use it to gently wipe the monitor without applying excessive pressure to remove dirt such as fingerprints.
  4. Glasses cleaning cloths are also well suited for cleaning the monitor.

Clean the screen if it is heavily soiled

  1. There are special TFT cleaners for heavy soiling. You should not spray this directly onto the screen, but onto a microfiber cloth. With the cloth prepared in this way, rub gently over the dirt until it has loosened.
  2. Corners, ventilation slots and cracks can be cleaned quite easily with a brush. To prevent damage, be sure to use a soft brush to clean the monitor.
  3. Glass cleaner can also be used to clean the screen. However, you should make sure that it does not contain alcohol, which can damage the protective layer of the monitor.

What should NOT be done when cleaning the screen

  1. The (pocket) cloth with which you want to clean the monitor should never be completely soaked in water, but only slightly damp. If excessive water is used, some of it may get inside the monitor and cause short circuits.
  2. If you use a special TFT cleaner, spray it on the cloth and not directly on the screen. Under certain circumstances, the aggressive agent can attack the protective layer of the screen and reduce the image quality in the affected areas.
  3. Avoid applying excessive pressure when cleaning the monitor.