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opinion : Where is God ?: If there is, then

Where is God? "Just asks who knows or believes that he exists, because only what there is can be anywhere. We cannot know whether God exists if" knowledge "means to have a true conviction, Can we believe it? Then we would have only one belief with no evidence of truth, and most of our beliefs are of this type; we believe them to be believable and we rely on them. When that confidence is shaken, doubt begins and the search for reasons for or against our beliefs. But you can also try to reassure yourself of the credibility of the sources from which we once obtained our beliefs. Especially in the modern media society we usually have no choice but to take this path to go.

What would be a credible source of belief that God exists? My catechism claimed that one could see his work in nature and in history, but who can do that? Georg Solti said his proof of God was Mozart and the first smile of his children. Others have experienced what they call God through the love of other people. Christianity refers us to the Bible and in it to the man Jesus, in whom God was "revealed"; The only difficulty is that this message was originally addressed to the Jews, who already brought their belief in God with them, and to "pagans" to whom the existence of gods did not have to be demonstrated first. In the secular world, Holy Scripture is world literature, nothing else; it becomes the source of faith only where it is already believed. The mere fact of God's existence contains little information as long as one does not know anything about him, and that is one of the reasons why one cannot know where he is. Is it believable that he made the world? That he became man out of love and died and rose again on the cross? That he is almighty, righteous, but also merciful? Or is he really the god of "God's warriors" then and now, the executor of "God's judgments", the opponents of arms and the destroyers of the wicked? What we believe to be believable here depends on us, on our idea of ​​the God we would be willing to trust and follow.

In view of the impending war of cultures, which outside the western world should primarily be waged as a war of world religions, it might also be advisable to take God out of circulation and to do without a "supreme warlord" who "makes everything so glorious rules ". But not only because that is not to be expected, but also because of the then due renunciation of hope in the God of love, a third way between belief in God and atheism is recommended: We should live in such a way that we can see the existence of a just and benevolent God make and maintain credibility through what we do, and leave this question alone; then nothing further depends on an answer.

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