In which industries are project managers hired?

What does an IT project manager / IT project manager actually do?

What exactly does the IT project manager do? What does he deserve? And how do you even learn this profession?

The IT project manager is a profession that is moving more and more into focus and is becoming more and more important, especially due to the steadily increasing importance of EDP and IT. But what exactly does the IT project manager do? What does he deserve? And how do you even learn this profession?

The tasks of an IT project manager

The tasks that the IT project manager takes on are diverse and are primarily based on the needs of the company in which he works. The field of activity usually includes a very specific area of ​​IT for which the employee takes full responsibility. The corresponding projects can be internal innovations as well as customer projects. Typical activities are the planning and organization of the installation of a new network with servers or the planning and implementation of a software development project for the customer. The coordinated improvement of the company's own IT, such as the acquisition of new software and hardware and their installation, can also be the responsibility of an IT project manager. In some cases, the IT project manager can also be responsible for an IT department and be responsible for a smooth process and good cooperation between the department and the hardware and software.

What skills does an IT project manager need?

The skills required for the job are predominantly IT and project management skills, such as the use of Scrum and organizational talent. The employee must understand the techniques of project development and be able to (further) develop them himself. He must also be able to plan projects in such a way that the IT ultimately meets the customer's requirements. Well-developed time management is particularly important so that any deadlines or appointments are met. Coordination and organization of your own employees as well as communication and joint planning with the customer are essential for this. In the event of problems, the IT project manager must also have good crisis management skills. The IT project manager has to keep his nerve and find a suitable solution to the problem as quickly as possible.

How do you become an IT project manager?

A good prerequisite for a position as a project manager in the IT area is first of all a degree or training. Here, for example, the IT specialist offers itself as a vocational training. Afterwards, further training to become a project manager is possible. The alternative is to go to university. A business informatics or computer science degree also creates good conditions for the prospective project manager. However, since the job is clearly a management position, not only technical knowledge plays a major role. Leadership skills and commitment are also important, as is knowledge of project development techniques and an understanding of Scrum with the ability to work according to this scheme. But Scrum and project development techniques or leadership skills are not everything. A good project manager also needs organizational talent and must be able to work efficiently under time pressure. In most cases, a project manager in the IT area grows into the job all by himself over time. As an IT specialist, you gain your first experience and have the opportunity to get involved in projects with ideas. Managers have the opportunity to show that they are suitable for the position quickly and in the end it is only a matter of time before the appointment is also formally made.

Where can I work as an IT project manager and what salary can I expect?

In general, IT project managers are employed in companies of all sizes when the company deals with customer projects in the IT sector. Above all, software developers and companies that have specialized in network and server administration or installation are dependent on a project manager who coordinates the employees and the work on the project. It doesn't matter whether it is an in-house project of your own company or an external project that is intended for a customer. The earning potential of the project manager fluctuates just as strongly and depends primarily on the company and the size of the project or responsibility. In the public sector or in the advertising industry, for example, you can expect a salary of around 40,000 euros a year. In contrast, banks and consultancies in particular often pay more. Here you can expect a salary of approx. 60,000 - 70,000 euros. The top salary in the industry, on the other hand, is significantly higher at up to 200,000 euros. However, only a few IT project managers receive this salary, which is usually associated with very specific and high responsibility for critical projects. These are mostly project managers for large companies or in the field of game development. Experienced project managers, on the other hand, can realistically expect a salary of 60,000 to 100,000 euros per year.