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Kim Kardashian: "Your Fridge Is Bigger Than My Living Room"

There is this moment in life when you have to say goodbye to the small under-counter fridge-freezer. The growing, hungry family demands more, in most cases it ends with a man-high refrigerator. Kim Kardashian owns one of them. For their water and their milk.

A photo of this refrigerator was the start of an Instagram homestory that left viewers astonished - and in many cases also envious. In the photo, US celebrity Kardashian appeared in a bustier in front of an almost empty refrigerator, in which there were only different types of milk, water and a cereal bowl. Social media users wondered how she feeds her four children and whether she eats air. Kardashian then posted a video tour of the pantries of their California property on Instagram.

In a nutshell: your “main refrigerator” is accessible and offers enough food for a soccer team. There are also at least two pantries, including a separate cupboard for the frozen yoghurt machine, at least two freezers and three large refrigerators that are only there for drinks. "All of my children drink different types of milk," laughs Kardashian in front of a display of oat and almond milk.

Now you have to know that Kim Kardashian's family is particularly big - so big that it has enough material for a reality TV series of its own. There are husband Kanye West and their four children, often the sisters Kylie, Khloé, Kourtney and Kendall, brother Rob, mother Kris Jenner, all of them with partners and children - and that's just the inner circle. In addition, there is an unknown number of household employees, the video shows at least one woman in the kitchen who is currently preparing Kardashian's vegetable taco.

"Who fills these refrigerators?"

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