How do you prevent lordosis

Lumbar support

Support lordosis and ensure stability of the lumbar spine

To the enormous importance of a lumbar support, also called lumbar support, for back health, we should first take a brief look at the human spine and its structure.
Our spine is divided into five sections: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacrum and coccyx.

Viewed from the side, one points healthy spine has a double s-shaped curvature on. This S-shape gives the spine its flexibility and, above all, its cushioning properties.
The cervical spine is bent forward, the thoracic spine backward, the lumbar spine forward, and the sacrum and coccyx backward as a unit.

The doctor describes the two as lordosis forward natural curvatures the cervical or lumbar spine. The back curves are called kyphosis.
The broad back muscles to the right and left of the lumbar spine, together with the muscles in the abdominal area that keep the lordosis of the lumbar spine in curvature, ensure support and stability.

Why a lumbar support is so important

When sitting for long periods at work or during leisure time, it is particularly important to keep the lower part of the spine closed relieve and the lordosis in hers natural shape support.
Modern high-quality work chairs nowadays always have a lumbar support and thus prevent the backbone from tensing up and sagging.

Therefore, a good office or 24-hour chair with lumbar support promotes an ergonomic sitting posture even after hours of work. Especially for people who already suffer from back pain, it is not only a welcome relief, but an absolute necessity to ensure that there is real support for the lumbar region.

With a high-quality office chair, the lumbar support should be individually adjustable in height, ideally also in its curvature. You should also be able to adjust the pressure of the backrest. For the sitter there should be a comfortable, relaxed and upright hold can be felt, but does not restrict freedom of movement.
When adjusting the lumbar support, you can simply rely on your feelings and see which setting is really good. Some people prefer support in the inwardly curved area of ​​their lumbar spine, others find support a little deeper in the area of ​​the iliac crest more comfortable.

You too can now create a healthy working atmosphere!

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Prevent impairment of the spine with lumbar support

Who does not know that? We sit for a long time, often for hours, doing an activity in which we fully understand wrong posture take in. At some point there will be spontaneous pain in the lower back or in the lumbar spine area. These can become more and more severe over time.
What happened? Due to weak back muscles and poor posture the muscles harden and crampwhich inevitably leads to pain.
In extreme cases, permanent unilateral stress on the lumbar spine area can result in chronic pain and, in an advanced stage, even shorten the muscles.
Muscle tension, changes in the intervertebral discs and wear and tear on the small vertebral joints also pose a risk of irritation to the sciatic nerve. The severe pain caused by this can radiate into the leg and foot, and even into the big toe. Also known is lumbago, a sudden severe pain with a stiff back.
In any case, it can only be an advantage to deal with such complaints or illnesses in good time prevent with an ergonomic work or office chair.
It is also advisable to consciously interrupt long periods of sitting and to get some exercise in between for your own benefit.

Healthy sitting on ergonomic work chairs with lumbar support

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