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The 7 best student jobs! Mini jobs for young people

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Finally earn a little extra money to top up your pocket money. Many students dream of this. Unfortunately, the job opportunities for young people don't always look too rosy. Because there are so many regulations in the Youth Labor Protection Act, some employers shy away from employing minors. This is not so much that employers have to consider. Here you can find more information and interesting facts about student jobs!

Young people can benefit from a mini job in many ways. More financial independence from parents is certainly an important point, but by no means the only one! With a school job, young adults learn to take responsibility. You will gain valuable insights into professional life and can therefore find out for yourself at an early stage which strengths distinguish you in practice. A part-time job for young people is also very important for personal development. Those who dare to take on challenges and master them will be rewarded with increasing self-confidence. But a student job like this has another plus point: so much commitment is very well received in later applications!

The 7 best student jobs

1. Give tutoring

Earning money with tutoring is not that difficult! Pupils who are very good in certain subjects and who can still remember the material from the previous year or the year before last should give this mini-job a try! Interested parties can ask their teachers if they can recommend them to younger students, and at the same time distribute a few notices in the school. With a part-time job as a tutor, you can determine how often you want to work, which is particularly useful for phases in which you write papers and exams yourself!

2. Shopping aid

A shopping aid takes care of the purchases of people who either have no time for work-related reasons or can no longer make purchases due to health problems. You then just go out with some money and the shopping list and get everything the “customer” wants. Such part-time jobs are not advertised as often, which is why young people here have to take care of finding a job themselves. The best thing to do is ask in the neighborhood. Perhaps there is also someone in your circle of friends who would like to take advantage of such a shopping service?

3. Temporary help in retail

One of the best student jobs is clearly working as a temporary worker in retail. Particularly popular contact points are supermarkets, drug stores, but also bakeries and fashion stores. A mini-job in retail is well suited for young people because the long opening times allow them to work for a few hours in the evening. So there is still time for homework!

4. Harvest helper

Young people who would like to work in the fresh air can top up their pocket money as harvest workers. This student job is particularly suitable for the holidays because it is often seasonal work. Picking strawberries or picking asparagus are time-consuming jobs for which hard-working helpers are always sought. For this mini job, young people should look around the farms in their area and offer their help. Because such vacation jobs are popular, you have to take care of them early!

5. Babysitting

A classic among part-time jobs! A mini-job as a babysitter is ideal for schoolchildren who have experience in dealing with children and who like to spend time with their offspring. Simply ask your friends or neighbors if they could use a babysitter! Numerous job advertisements can also be found on the Internet. Young people who later want to do something with children professionally can gain valuable practical experience, which will be well received in future applications.

6. Deliver newspapers

Physically active schoolchildren who don't mind being outside in wind and weather are perfect for a part-time job as a delivery driver. Here brochures or newspapers are distributed. Mini jobs for delivery drivers are advertised very often, after all, all households in Germany have to be supplied! A common student job that can be easily integrated into the busy schedule of young people, because you can usually choose relatively freely when to distribute the brochures.

7. Inventory aid

A mini job as an inventory aid is very popular with students. It's a relatively easy job that can make pretty good money. Counting is usually done in the late afternoon or in the evening, so that you can rest after school before you go to work. Inventory aids are used in retail as well as in industrial companies. Towards the end of the year there is always a lot to do, but there are also numerous assignments for schoolchildren over the rest of the year!

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