How does the plant population affect the seed rate

Translation of "the same rate" in German

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the same speed the same rate
same speed


The method of claim 2, further comprising the step of: serving the files to users at substantially the same rate as would be possible if the entire file was stored locally.
The method of claim 2, further comprising the step of: providing the files to users with the same ratehow this would be possible if the whole file were saved locally.
Quite easily, the same rate as it does dream interpretation.
Use the same rate throughout the loan term.
The incumbent must be subject to the same rate of social security contributions as its competitors.
The incumbent has to pay social security contributions in same height how its competitors dissipate.
Duo with Angelina - the same rate for each lady.
Each of us awaits in a duet with Angelina the specified Fee.
However, operating expenses grew at almost the same rate.
ROKOSAN Universal should be applied on evergreen plants in the same rate.
Benefit from the same rate at all 39 Swiss Deluxe Hotels.
Caravans longer than 6 meters are charged the same rate as buses.
Just the same rate whether a company fits you.
Exactly too evaluatewhether a company suits you.
Additional Information: You can use the Assign by Ranges window to define the same rate for both standard and average balances.
Additional information: In the "Allocation by area" window you can set standard and average balances a joint course establish.
All countries for which the same rate of export refund or tax applies shall be considered as one destination.
All countries for which the same sentence the export refund or tax is fixed.
- a group of countries of destination to which the same rate of refund is applicable.
A method as claimed in any preceding claim, wherein the pumping-out is performed at substantially the same rate as the pumping-in.
A method according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein pumping out with substantially same rate how the pumping in is carried out.
It would be reasonable to apply to such deliveries the same rate of refund as applies to victualling in a community port.
However, he pointed out that it was important to consistently use the same rate throughout all scenarios.
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