Which street food is unhealthy to eat?

Fast food: pros and cons for athletes

What speaks for it, what speaks against it ?!

They laugh at us on every street corner, every motorway service station and every train station: fast food chains and express restaurants. For a few euros you can get your burgers, pizzas and fries in no time. That Fast food is anything but healthy every child knows. But do you also know why other athletes should keep their hands off the “food to go”? Or that there are also positive aspects ?! Here you can find the biggest fast food pros and cons at a glance!

Benefits of fast food

Let's start with the - admittedly - few advantages that fast food athletes have:

  • Time factor: Fast food means translated fastfood - and that's exactly what it is: you only have to wait a few minutes and you will receive your order. Fast food also fits into any lunch break, no matter how short.
  • Rapid nutrient availability: The nutrients in burgers and the like are available to the body very quickly - this of course also applies to the protein they contain, which is particularly important for athletes.
  • Taste: Opinions are divided here, but for the most part it’s true: Fast food simply tastes good.

Cons of fast food

You already guessed it, of course, but the disadvantages of fast food clearly outweigh them:

  • High calorie: Fast food makes you fat, that's just a fact. A menu of a cheeseburger and a portion of french fries with mayo, plus a cola ... People take it on average 1,000 - 1,200 calories per meal in fast food restaurants! In the case of less active people or children, this is easily half of the daily calorie requirement!
  • Short saturation: Although burgers and co. tons of calories you get hungry again shortly after eating it. Why?! Quite simply, fast food contains as good as no fiber, moreover, the Appetite stimulated by the many artificial additives and amounts of salt. Good for the manufacturer, really bad for your gains.
  • Questionable food quality: Of course, the operators of well-known fast food chains want to make the greatest possible profit. If you pay a euro for a burger - do you seriously expect it to be the best quality meat and handpicked gherkins ?! Seriously, folks: They Food grade is more than questionable. And I don't want to go into any further details here under which conditions the animals grew up. And that should not only interest the environmentalists among you, but everyone who fit and healthy want to be. Because: "You are what you eat" - if you are now Cheap meat eat a lot Antibiotics or genetically modified soywith which the animals were treated or fed into your body.
    Just think about them Food scandals the last few years - the quality of your food should be very important to you!
  • Deceptive price: The price only looks cheap at first glance. But if you calculate how much you would have to spend on a home-cooked dish and how much you would pay to be full of fast food ... The result speaks for itself.
  • Bad nutrient distribution:Put simply, there is fast food full of fat, carbohydrates and salt, while it contains virtually no vitamins and fiber. In addition, the fats contained are almost exclusively trans fats - trans fats are "bad" fats that are very unhealthy and promote diseases including heart attacks. And all that salt makes you thirsty - intentionally, of course, because that's how you buy a second, third, fourth ... Coke. Pure calorie and sugar shock!
  • Getting used to: Fast food spoils the taste in the long run. You get used to all the artificial additives and You no longer like natural, clean food. The good thing: You can reprogram your taste buds again by consistently eliminating fast food from your diet for a few weeks.
  • Ecological damage: Cheap raw materials, high meat consumption, long transport routes for the animals and, above all, an incredible amount Packaging waste - Fast food is very damaging to the environment.
  • Harmful to the social aspect: Sure, you mostly go to the famous fast food restaurants with your friends, right ?! But honestly, how long do you sit there compared to a "real" restaurant? - Just. Fast food boycotts with its "fast, fast" mentality social aspect of eating. Often it is even eaten casually while walking or standing.

That in turn leads to you eat faster and morebecause that Feeling of satiety only sets in after around 15-20 minutes.

The disadvantages clearly prevail. Is that why you never eat fast food again ?! Nonsense. If you don't want to save your favorite pizza or delicious fries for your Cheat Day, you should get yours Simply make fast food yourself in the future!

Make healthy fast food yourself: the best recipes

It's really not difficult either - and your gains will thank you for it! You can find a few here really delicious recipesthat do not negatively affect your body or your health:

Definitely give it a try!

Conclusion fast food: advantages & disadvantages

As you can see, there is significantly more disadvantages than advantages of fast food. Athletes in particular should therefore reduce their consumption to a minimum or eliminate them altogether, so as not to immediately undo the hard-earned successes from the gym. But if the fast food hyper comes over you, just prepare a healthy alternative to it. The longer you go without burgers, currywurst, pizza and fries, the less your body will ask for them, believe me!

How is your experience with fast food?

Your prince

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