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English language trip: two teenagers share their experiences

Two teenagers on a language course in different countries with the same organization and with different experiences

Back then, as a teenager, I was with my cousin to learn English in Malta and it gave me so many experiences that I was happy when my children asked to go on a language trip. At first it was not so easy to find a suitable language trip. The range is huge and as varied as the pricing. We sent our children to southern England and Malta different models and experiences.

Language trip on its own or with additional sports activities

Both children wanted to be in English further training, although Spanish and French are also taught in school. But under no circumstances did the siblings want to travel together! You are welcome to inquire by email which provider we have chosen, because I don't want to limit this article to a specific organization.

Our daughter (14) talked to four friends about what ultimately one was left, the one with her to Malta should travel. The two girls booked the language course without any further options, because they wanted theirs leisure rather design it Yourself. Below you can find out what was still included in the program and what free time opportunities for language-traveling teenagers through the organization.

Our son (17) traveled alone on a language trip Eastbourne (South England) and booked Soccer camp added to English lessons. Other sports activities were available on site, which appealed to him in particular. However, extra costs are to be expected here (already included in the travel price) for training and equipping the football school with jerseys, shorts and socks. On five days after school he went to soccer practice for about an hour and still had enough free time afterwards. Our son would definitely recommend this extra sports package.

Language trip with supervision in a family or on campus?

That question was pretty quick to answer given that Age of our children considered. We really wanted the fourteen-year-old girls in one Family housed knowledge. At seventeen, our son preferred to go to the Campus in a shared room dwell. So we can also report here on various experiences of the language trip abroad.

The journey is usually organized by the tour operator, but you can also arrange it yourself. We have the Arrival and departure by flight and collection at the destination booked. So we took our children to the airport at home and helped with the check-in. They did other things wonderfully alone. As a family, we travel by plane quite often and our children are therefore very familiar with it. But even on the first flight there are numerous helping employees at the airport who are there to help the children find their way around. The children were picked up at the destination airport and brought to their accommodation.

Living with a family

I was admittedly shocked when I held our daughter's booking confirmation in my hands and read the name of the "family" in Malta: It was a single man older semester who wanted to take in the girls. As a mother, I felt weird and immediately called the organization. She assured me that this man was known personally and had been for many years Language students of all nations takes in, with consistently top ratings.

I also learned that most of them "Families" single seniors or couples whose children are out of the house in the meantime. They improve their pensions with language students from all over the world and secure their livelihood by looking after the language students and subletting the rooms. The girls didn't like the food very much and it wasn't varied enough for them with pasta and soft toast. You have to know that most families in Malta live frugally. They give what they can. The language students learn to adapt to the other way of life, which I see rather positively.

In our opinion, the main advantage of being housed with a family was that the children had one Local contact in case they are not feeling well or need advice. The girls lived together in a double room and other language students lived in other rooms in John's apartment. Even though it was nice there, our daughter would next time better in a boarding school dwell.

The daughter of a dear friend who is even a little younger than our girl did the same thing. She really enjoyed the summer boarding school. Your parents booked the boarding school directly and organized the arrival / departure themselves. I think that would be an interesting model for us too.

Living on campus

For our 17-year-old son, on the other hand, the choice of living on campus was ideal. The language students live here in one Boarding school, which sublet to the language school during the holiday periods becomes. At first he was very uncomfortable about the lack of cleanliness in the common rooms, but it's not like home anywhere else (also educational!) and not comparable to a hotel. When asked, I learned that all rooms were cleaned daily were. It's always the question of who lives there ... Keyword “puma cage” - you know what I mean!

In the first week 3 boys slept different nations in a four-bed room, in the second week a boy drove home and two new language students came. So the room was occupied with guys from Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and Russia. There was even a Brazilian among the students, many Italians and Spaniards. you all spoke in English and are still networked with each other via WhatsApp group. The communication in English does not stop after the language vacation, friendships have been formed.

Was eaten in the School canteen. Alternatively, the children could take care of themselves in the city within walking distance. The teachers also lived on campus and our son did only report good things can be done by the supervisor present. Since the lessons also took place on the same site (what the name campus already says), was everything family and in a certain way "protected". In the evening the children liked to use the Hot Chocolate Roomto watch old movies, chat and drink cocoa. Our son will definitely miss that!

Incidentally, there was one House for girls and another for boys on campus. But in class all together and also spent their free time together. All language students would like to see each other again, which speaks for itself.

Language trip abroad: learning while having fun!

Before starting school, both children met one another Language test in order to be classified in the appropriate language courses. Now our son is three years older, which automatically makes you different levels of knowledge and learning means. Although we booked both language trips with the same tour operator, the local language schools were each different certified organization connected. These are probably different depending on the location.

I found it totally exciting that both children would still have to do the same test and that too the same teaching material had! That turned out later when the children talked about their experiences of the language trip. So it will be evident in the language schools standardized topics discussed, but they were designed to be age-appropriate and exciting.

Both children have the kind of free language lessons a lot of fun working on 5 days for 4 hours each took place. The teachers were relaxed and balanced, well educated and classes were held in small, multicultural groups. Everyone tried very hard Having fun in the foreground to ask without the Learning success to lose sight of it.

Both have children I learned a lot linguistically and personallyAs we were able to find out during our subsequent vacation together in England.

Leisure time during the language trip

There are various options for spending free time on a language trip, which also depends on the organizer booked. In general, the children do not have to take part in the program offered and can also go with the family or do something alone. They quickly found friends who went to the beach, went shopping or wanted to explore the area together.

The afternoon and evening program was richly filled with offers from Sightseeing above trips to special beaches, strolling through pretty ones Cities and eveningCelebrate on private schoolParties. Here the language students got to know each other better and agreed to meet up for the next campaign. Most of the leisure activities were free of charge.

The Football school For our son it cost extra from the start, it was a special offer from the tour operator. Take a look at them Language trips with sports facilitiest - there is hardly a sport there that is not offered. Almost anything is possible, from horse riding to dancing, tennis, golf and water sports. This is where children with similar interests automatically meet.

Cost of a language trip

We have a small organizer with us for our children's language trips medium-priced travel expenses selected (an average of around 2,000 euros for 14 days including arrival by flight, without pocket money). We had also looked at the offers of more expensive organizers, but were able to hardly any differences in performance discover. Because all organizations place their students in the same families and teach their students at the same school. Everyone eats together, can take advantage of the same leisure activities and spend time in the same places.

There are few, exclusive language travel organizationswho have their own school as well as their own afternoon and evening programs. Of course, these are also much more expensive. That can happen sometimes double the price a "standard language trip". I am unable to judge to what extent it is worth investing so much more money in the language trip.

From what age does a language trip make sense and how long should a language trip last?

We recommend one Language trip abroad for children around the age of 13 to 17 years, depending on the respective stage of development. The teenagers take an incredible amount of experience from just two weeks' vacation without their parents. It is of course essential that the children look forward to this time themselves and not look too anxiously about it. A language trip is an unforgettable experience!

There are also Language trips for children from elementary school age. These mostly find in Germany takes place in a camp in which sporting and social activities are in the foreground. The main language spoken here is English, which means that the children should learn in an active environment rather than through school lessons. Unfortunately, we have no personal experience with this model.

In addition, we discovered a great website through our friends, through which one can book boarding schools for the holidays directly. There the students are, for example, too prepared for high school graduation. I think that's a wonderful idea for our son, who will be of legal age next year and is no longer interested in traditional language trips. For example, he could go on a language trip to Canada or the USA. I imagine it to be exciting.

Two weeks you should already invest in a language trip so that it shows success. This is both for the classroom and for the Bond between students important. The first days of the language trip serve as orientation and familiarization with the new environment. It would be a shame to have to leave too soon before the effect of the Dreaming in the foreign language entry. Because that is also a wonderful experience!

Further learning effects and advantages through language trips

Teens learn most from that Communication with other language students from all over the world. These contacts are extremely valuable and can last a lifetime. You not only learn effectively the English language, which connects them all, but also get to know cultural differences better than during other vacations. Travelling forms! How cool is it to be able to say, as a teenager, that you have Friends all over the world! Our son was already asking about a trip to Moscow to meet someone from England again ...

In addition, the teenagers learn to find one's way in a foreign country. As parents, we must learn to trust that the cornerstones of upbringing will hopefully protect our well-protected children from too much stupid things. We can give them good advice, but they have to develop their own instincts for right and wrong.

To be own good Caring and planning ahead - without the active support of their parents - helps teenagers grow up. Dealing with counted (plentiful!) Travel budget Our daughter found it very difficult in the form of pocket money. But the son brought back almost all of the money from his trip ... Children from one and the same family are just as different.

Our daughter had to learn that fresh money does not automatically come if she has not calculated correctly. We had failed to find her one Prepaid credit card for emergencies to give. A quick transfer was not possible as we were currently abroad ourselves. It was hard for her, but instructive, to have to do without pocket money for the last few days. So you see, the learning effects of a language trip take place in numerous areas ...

To ask?

Do you have any questions about language trips? I am happy to answer them from a parents' point of view or to be able to pass them on to my children. Do you already have one yourself (ad-free!) Have you written an article on the topic? Then please link it in the comments.