Why are the French so pessimistic?

French see black

After the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, it quickly became clear that this crisis will also have economic consequences. The mood within the population is likely to play a special role. Do you cling to what you have saved or do you consume as if there is no tomorrow? A study has now shown that the majority of our French neighbors are pessimistic about the future.

More than two thirds of the French surveyed (72 percent) believe that the economically difficult times are yet to come. This also applies to the crisis in the health sector. 56 percent think this will get worse.

General pessimism?

Six months after the first Covid-19 death in France and 45 days after the end of the lockdown, 27 percent of the French surveyed rate their view of the country's future as "pessimistic", and 23 percent as "very pessimistic".

The survey also looked at the government's previous crisis management. Four out of ten French people are critical of President Emmanuel Macron's behavior. 22 percent of those surveyed disapprove of his crisis management, and 19 percent even decidedly disapprove.

"The President is not telling the truth"

The survey, carried out exclusively for euronews, highlights the relationship between voters and the president. 62 percent of those surveyed believe that Macron is "not telling the truth". 54 percent believe that he does not understand the problems France is facing. "He doesn't care about people like me." 67 percent of those questioned agreed with this statement.

The cabinet of the new Prime Minister Jean Castex finds no mercy in the face of the French questioned. More than half (57 percent) are of the opinion that their actions do not do justice to the recent increase in the number of infections.

The gloomy look ahead

The authors of the study are convinced that the unclear future course of the crisis is responsible for this pessimism. As for the near future, seven out of ten French people consider another lockdown either "likely" (39 percent) or "very likely" (31 percent).

If the number of Covid 19 infections continues to rise, 30 percent are in favor of a new nationwide lockdown. In this case, 24 percent would even be "very much for it".

Has the danger been forgotten?

A look at the perception of fellow citizens reveals an astonishing fact: 83 percent of those surveyed are of the opinion that "people have forgotten the dangers of the coronavirus too quickly". At the same time, a fifth said they had "less heeded the rules of social distancing". Seven out of ten French people said they strictly adhere to the rules.

Learning to live with the threat

Three out of four French people agree with this statement: "We have to get used to living with the danger of the virus because it will not go away anytime soon and we can no longer suspend our normal lives." 30 percent agreed, 47 percent even expressly.

The agency Redfield & Wilton Strategies carried out the representative survey exclusively for euronews. Between July 17 and 18, 2020, 1,500 French citizens entitled to vote were surveyed.

Survey in other countries too

The survey commissioned by euronews was also carried out for Spain, Italy and Germany. As far as life after the lockdown is concerned, Germans are much more optimistic than their neighbors.