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Chris Trousdale: Pop star dies at the age of 34

Chris Trousdale died at the age of 34, his ex-band colleague named complications after a Covid 19 illness as the cause of death.

US pop star Chris Trousdale is dead. The singer, who became known as a member of the boy band Dream Street, died at the age of 34, according to CNN, citing his manager.

In a statement it says that Chris Trousdale died on June 2 of an unknown illness. "His family, friends and fans around the world will miss him very much." Trousdale began performing on Broadway at the age of eight. In 1999 he joined the boy band "Dream Street", which existed until 2002 and became known with songs like "It Happens Every Time" and "I Say Yeah". The group has also toured with Britney Spears, 38, and Aaron Carter, 32, among others. After the band split, Trousdale worked as a solo artist and actor.

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Chris Trousdale († 34): Band colleague speaks out

Trousdale's former "Dream Street" bandmate Jesse McCartney wrote on Instagram, "It pains me to say that an old friend, Chris Trousdale, from my early days in the music industry passed away due to Covid-19 complications," and added added: "Chris was a very charming person with limitless talent." As an incredibly talented dancer, Trousdale was able to set up a whole dance number in a few minutes; "something that took us days to do. I really envied him," explains McCartney.

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