What is the luxury lifestyle

Luxury by definition: the search for a new meaning

Pressure from profit-thirsty shareholders is forcing companies to cut production costs. In this way, larger profit margins can be made from trading. This in turn results in the relocation of production to countries in the second and third world. As a result, traditional, high quality goods are mass-produced and that often results in a poorer product.

There are countless examples of high-priced, luxury-labeled products that keep little or nothing of the brand's "quality promise" and offer little prospect of fulfilling the consumer's real or deceptive expectation. In fact, I would go so far as to say that we are constantly being “duped” by the fascination of luxury brands. Once this fallacy is exposed, we will be leaning on a new crutch to push our low self-esteem.

The definition of luxury is changing. Even within the last decade there has been a shift from mass consumption of luxury back to selective - particularly noticeable between 2006 and 2008. It is a time when many put more emphasis on experiences - in search of the simple and authentic Joys in life. It is a comeback of satisfaction: who we are and what we stand for. A deep belief that happiness comes from being and not from having. This is easy to say when you have everything you want. But when will you realize that you have everything you want (or actually need) to achieve the holy grail of contentment, happiness, and peace of mind?

So what does our new luxury lifestyle website promise? We would like to help you make the right decisions in managing your luxury lifestyle. We want to work with you to promote the creation of a new concept of luxury lifestyle via www.helencummins.com. A concept that values ​​attributes such as authenticity, sustainability, tradition and longevity - Attributes that are not easily interchangeable and difficult to replicate. In my opinion, the future for luxury products, as the word was originally interpreted, will be a return to bespoke products. The "custom fitting" to personal needs is the source for the long-lasting, coveted luxury product of the future.

This article is intended to be the starting point in the discussion about a new meaning of luxury. We invite you to be part of the opinion-forming process by sharing your thoughts on the matter with us. Please send your suggestions to: [email protected]